In Your Face Media is a sports and entertainment blog that promotes truth and honesty in both areas from a journalistic aspect. We are here to provide you with the best analysis in the blogging community and at the same time, deliver incisive commentary and opinion on the biggest sports/entertainment stories. The voices here will be strong and “in your face” with no backing down and NO DIE HARD STATISTICAL ANALYSIS. This blog will not be 2,000 word articles breaking down Clayton Kershaw’s ERA when he faces left handed hitters in July while it’s raining during afternoon games. You will get a strong voice with proper and needed stats to make a point.

In Your Face Media was originally D’Anton’s Den which was created back in September 2011. D’Anton’s Den was a Franklin Township, NJ Beat Blog for creator Vin D’Anton’s journalism class, but in November, D’Anton began to write sports stories as well. In Spring 2012, the name was changed to In Your Face Media and now everything from sports to video games is covered.

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