MLB Power Rankings

Posted: August 20, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports

By: Vin D’Anton

Michael Morse’s Grand Slam Curtain Call

1. Washington Nationals (3) – What a road trip that was going 8-2. Fine they played the Astros but they did what great teams are supposed to; beat bad teams down. From what I read, Nats fans are OK with the Stephen Strasburg mess…but lets see what happens if the Braves get hot.

2. Cincinnati Reds (1) – Dusty Baker has done a phenomenal job managing his bullpen and Todd Frazier has been outstanding replacing the injured Joey Votto. I really have no problem saying that they are a lock to win the Central.

3. New York Yankees (4) – They are playing solid baseball right now. It’s not the prettiest, but they are getting it done with “Asian Sensations” Ichiro and Hiroki Kuroda leading the way. Taking three of four from Texas was huge. One negative point: John Sterling needs a new Ichiro call.

4. Texas Rangers (2) – Put these mediocre two weeks behind you and get ready for a big home stand; two of the teams coming to town are both young and fearless…the Orioles and Rays.

5. Atlanta Braves (5) – Just a good baseball team that is licking their chops to beat the Nats this week.

6. Los Angeles Dodgers (10) – I told you that the Hanley Ramirez move was the best at the deadline on the Podcast; this team is ready to take the West.

7. Pittsburgh Pirates (6) – That 19 inning CLASSIC could be the springboard for a playoff berth. The game could easily have the opposite effect that the Braves game did last year. Real Buc-O fans know exactly what I mean.

8. Oakland A’s (9) – They have proved that they are not just a scrappy team, but a good team ready to make the playoffs. I think it will happen.

9. San Francisco Giants (11) – Melky Cabrera is a douche bag. This team will need another 2010 magical September to do anything.

10. Baltimore Orioles (14) – Love this team. What a statement they made going into Detroit, but they have more to make in the upcoming weeks with a ton of Divisional games.

11. Tampa Bay Rays (15) – Same exact case as the Orioles. What a hell of a job they did outhitting the Halos. With that pitching anything can happen.

12. Chicago White Sox (12) – They need more from their pitching. Though as I sit here and criticize them each week, they still win. Hats off to them. MERCY!

13. Detroit Tigers (8) – One word describes this team: disappointing. If I’m Jim Leyland I am not happy but he also needs to take a look in the mirror.

14. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (7) –  I hear that fans want Mike Scioscia canned if they don’t make the playoffs. Here’s an idea, fire the pitching coach. The Zack Greinke deal looks bad too.

15. St. Louis Cardinals (13) – I refuse to believe that this team won’t be there in the end. They got one more series against the Pirates and a lot of easy games.

16. Arizona Diamondbacks (16) – Another team I refuse to give up on. They have a nice home stand coming up and then a boatload of Divisional games. 

17. Seattle Mariners (19) – Eric Wedge‘s boys have been playing very good baseball and congrats to King Felix.

18. Boston Red Sox (17) – TEAM TURMOIL. Another long off-season in Beantown?

19. Toronto Blue Jays (18) – With all the hope this team had regarding the extra Wild Card you would think they would have figured out the pitching issues in the winter…guess not.

20. New York Mets (20) – Meet the Mets! Meet the…ah. Only two things they can hope for is a Cy Young for R.A. Dickey and Matt Harvey never getting injured.

21. Philadelphia Phillies (22) – Cole Hamels is proving his worth lately. That’s about it from Philly with football starting.

22. Miami Marlins (23) – Giancarlo Stanton is the only exciting thing to come out of Miami lately. That SHOT against the Rockies is still going.

23. Milwaukee Brewers (24) – After such a big season last year, I’m really not that surprised at this years mess. Losing Prince Fielder hurt and they should recuperate in 2013.

24. San Diego Padres (26) – The new ownership is providing excitement and why not?

25. Cleveland Indians (21) – Manny Acta is the most overrated manager in baseball. I know they picked up his option but I would still fire him. Get Terry Francona when you can.

26. Kansas City Royals (27) – It’s been a solid month and if this continues in September, they will have the fans excited for next year.

27. Minnesota Twins (25) – They have to play better if they want to save Ron Gardenhire

28. Chicago Cubs (28) – They are giving their amazing fans scrappy baseball which is all that matters when you’re not a good team…yet.

29. Colorado Rockies (29) – WHY HASN’T JIM TRACY BEEN FIRED YET!

30. Houston Astros (30) – For some reason, I feel like the Brad Mills firing is unjust…they can dig up John McGraw and he wouldn’t win with this team.


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