XXX Olympic Games: 21 Hot Athletes You Probably Didn’t Watch

Posted: August 13, 2012 by The Dobber in Pro Sports
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By: Adam Dobrowolski

Whenever the Olympics stop by for four years, there is always so much to soak up. For the past two and a half weeks in London, 10,820 athletes from 204 countries competed in 302 events involving 26 different events. Meanwhile, in nearly every event, there was some great story about an athlete’s journey, or there was a quest to fulfill for a team. Just seeing the emotion of those athletes putting their bodies and souls on the line for the chance at gold once every four years should remind true sports fans why we love this spectacle.

Of course, the Olympics gives us more. We get a taste of some other cultures. We get to see what sports other parts of the world may find popular that we as Americans don’t pay much attention to, except for two weeks. We get to see exactly what excitement and intensity sports like handball, volleyball, fencing, (field) hockey, archery, badminton and water polo can offer.

I must say I personally enjoy watching those sports much more than basketball and soccer during the Olympics, because the other sports go off the radar for 47 of 48 months but offer similar excitement, intensity and narrative. It’s to get a taste of that at least once every four years at the highest level of competition.

But there’s one more reason I, like many other guys, enjoy the Olympics. We get to see some beautiful athletes from other countries achieve their dreams at the highest level. Eye candy and quality sports definitely makes an impressive combination in my book.

If you didn’t get to see much of the XXX Olympic Games, or simply skipped over everything that didn’t involve basketball, soccer, gymnastics or swimming, IYFM has a nice treat for you. Here’s 21 hot athletes you probably didn’t watch during the Olympics. Apologies to the regretful readers at what they missed.

ELOISE AMBERGER, Australia, Synchronized Swimming
I’ve heard the debate before if synchronized swimming is a sport. Some don’t think it’s a sport being it relies on judges. Some don’t think it’s a sport because it’s also an art form. Who cares? It’s been a Olympic competition since 1984, and it gives us a chance to see some beauty in the competition, including the Aussie in Eloise Amberger.

Australia finished 8th in synchronized swimming, but I was still impressed.

LUCIANA AYMAR, Argentina, Hockey
Who’s the best field hockey player in the world? Someone who might also be the hottest field hockey player in the world. Say hello to Luciana Aymar, the SEVEN-TIME International Hockey Federation Player of the Year. Heck, in Argentina, they call her “La Maradona del Hockey” and she’s not fat or on coke! She’s far from it…

Argentina faced Netherlands for the gold in what arguably the most epically beautiful match of the XXX Olympic Games. More of that will definitely come.

ELSA BAQUERIZO MCMILLAN, Spain, Beach Volleyball
You’ll probably soon find out why missing the Round of 16 matchup between a pair of Spaniards and a pair of Italian was a huge mistake, but let’s start with Spain’s Elsa Baquerizo McMillan. Sure, it sounds like a mouthful to pronounce, but I’m used to it (try the last name “Dobrowolski” on for size). Anywho, let’s look at Elsa.

Baquerizo McMillan and her partner, Liliana Fernandez Steiner, lost to the Italian pair of Greta Cicolari and Marta Menegatti. Keep that last name in mind.

JAQUELINE CARVALHO, Brazil, Volleyball
I’ll admit that I’m still upset that the United States lost its gold medal match to Brazil after dominating all the way leading up to the match. However, I also had plenty of fun watching Brazil. After finishing a disappointing fourth in its group, the Brazilians upset Russia in a five-set classic. Seriously, it was a classic. Brazil broke six match points and survived to win.

But that was only my second favorite moment involving Brazilian volleyball. The first would be every time I got to see Jacqueline Carvalho. Sure, she did dominate like Thaisa did throughout the tournament, but she’s definitely a looker.

Why did you have to break my heart, Jaqueline? Silver just wasn’t enough for her and her teammates.

Yes, fencing. Di Francisca can foil better than you and me and virtually everyone else on this great blue orb. If you don’t find something alluring in that, then I pity you. Either way, she’s quite a hottie.

Di Francisca earned a pair of gold medals, one for the individual foil and one for the team foil. Okay, so Italy dominated the women’s fencing events, but that doesn’t mean Di Francisca can’t bring home the bacon.

CASEY EASTHAM, Australia, Hockey
I hope by the end you’ll have the needed appreciation for field hockey to at least start watching the sport. Maybe you can check out the team at your school while you’re at it. Maybe you’ll find someone like Casey Eastham.

I never quite understood why Australia uses green and yellow for their international unis, but I’m not here to complain. I’m just going to savor this and enjoy the chance I get to visit Australia in the near future.

LERYN FRANCO, Paraguay, Javelin
While confirmed mega hottie Melanie Adams wasn’t a pole vaulter in London like some publications claim she was, we still had to bring some field athlete that would make our heads spin. Enter Leryn Franco, someone you should know.

I’ll need shades too, but the hotness burns my eyes. Franco finished 34th in the javelin qualifying. Does it matter?

While I’ll readily admit my favorite runner is the lovely Lolo Jones, this gold-winning 100m racer sneaks up the list. Why? Not only did she win gold and then get silver in the 200m, but she has that “girl next door” cuteness. Oh, that and the stunning body of a sprinter. Can’t forget that one.

Perhaps you did see Fraser-Pryce race, but the focus here was on Carmelita Jeter and Allyson Felix. Fraser-Pryce found a way to steal the show on and off the track.

ELLEN HOOG, Netherlands, Hockey
The gold medal match between the Netherlands and Argentina wasn’t only a match-up between the two best teams in the world in the sport we call field hockey. The match was also an exhibition of the beauty in both countries. Let’s begin with Ellen Hoog, who scored two goals in the tournament en route to the Dutch’s gold medal.

I’m personally a sucker for the “girl next door” cute and innocent look. I wonder how many people would chant “hoog”-ray when she scores?

SANNE KEIZER, Netherlands, Beach Volleyball
Perhaps you mind get tired of hearing about beach volleyball at the end of this, or even the Netherlands. Regardless, both the sport and country can produce some hotties. As for Keizer, she kind of reminds me of somebody.

Dare I say she’s a blond, Dutch version of Liv Tyler? You be the judge.

Ten beauties through and we’re at halftime. Click to the next page (below the tabs) for the final 11!


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