By: Vin D’Anton

1. Cincinnati Reds (4) – No Joey Votto, no problem. We told you that on the Podcast. The schedule worked out perfectly, but hey that’s baseball. They did a hell of a job this weekend against Pittsburgh. Mat Latos is coming on strong at the right time.

2. Texas Rangers (2) – It hasn’t been pretty lately and neither has Josh Hamilton, but they somehow win. Let’s see what the Ryan Dempster trade  does for them.

3. Washington Nationals (3) – Their only worry for the rest of the season is the Braves. They have two more series against them and most of their other opponents aren’t that strong. Looks like D.C. will be rockin’ before the Redskins start to play and ruin it.

4. New York Yankees (2) – No one can stay that hot for that long. The offense will always be there but as always pitching will be the question down the stretch. Why didn’t they make a move for an arm at the deadline?

5. Atlanta Braves (8) – All this team does is win. They will fight to the death for the Division Title, but they have the Wild Card wrapped up already. If they stay two or three games behind for the rest of the season, they’ll press the Nationals, and I like the Braves in that situation.

6. Pittsburgh Pirates (6) – Love this team, from the players to the coach. That stubbornness of sticking with the farm system is paying off. Oh by the way, I told you so about  A.J. Burnett.

7. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (5) – I’m not happy with their performances against the Rays and the White Sox, but they are way too talented across the board. They are a lock for the first Wild Card spot.

8. Detroit Tigers (10) – OK, they are not in first right now, but they are still better than the ChiSox. As long as Miguel Cabrera and the gang can put runs on the board, they’ll roll to the Division Title.

9. Oakland A’s (9) – They get contributions from everyone, but Billy Beane‘s boys have to keep it up if they want to make the playoffs. It will be tougher than people think.

10. Los Angeles Dodgers (11) – Not everyone will agree with me, but they are a hare better than the Giants. Hanley Ramirez was the best trade this year because he actually wants to play now.

11. San Francisco Giants (7) – Sure it’s a huge fall from seven but that putrid offense (disregard the series in Colorado) makes them deserve it. Let’s see if the Hunter Pence deal will be better than the Carlos Beltran deal.

12. Chicago White Sox ( 13) – I’m sorry but I don’t see them winning the Division or even the Wild Card. Prove me wrong…I hope they do.

13. St. Louis Cardinals (14) – Here they come…Pirates beware.

14. Baltimore Orioles (12) – Of course you would like them to be a little better, but I think this is who they are. They have a chance in my book.

15. Tampa Bay Rays (15) – Now this team could be better. They were impressive against the Angels and when Evan Longoria returns this week, watch out.

16. Arizona Diamondbacks (20) – The D-Backs have been decent since the All-Star break with a 13-10 record. Something is telling me to not sleep on them.

17. Boston Red Sox (18) – Sure they have been a little better and I respect the non-big move at the deadline, but who the hell knows with his team to be honest with you.

18. Toronto Blue Jays (16) – They need pitching…enough said.

19. Seattle Mariners (24) – 9-4 since the Ichiro trade. Does it mean anything…who knows? But they look good right now.

20. New York Mets (19) – They’re still fighting, but it may be auditions for 2013 at this point.

21. Cleveland Indians (17) – Man they can’t pitch right now.

22. Philadelphia Phillies (23) – They are pretty much done, but the Phils move up because of a few wins. This past two weeks wasn’t about baseball with them though, it was about business.

23. Miami Marlins (22) – Let’s be honest, they are a joke at this point. Let’s look forward to another big money off-season?

24. Milwaukee Brewers (21) – As in the words of Bob Uecker in Major League II; “Hello Tribe (replace with Brewers) fans, welcome back to Major League Baseball…sort of.”

25. Minnesota Twins (27) – They have been playing somewhat decent as of late, maybe it’s for their skipper.

26. San Diego Padres (26) – I’m still drinking the younger guys Kool Aid right now, wonder if it means anything for next year.

27. Kansas City Royals (25) – Someone criticized me before the season when I said the Pirates were a top ten story to watch in 2012; he told me the Royals were a bigger story…I told you so again.

28. Chicago Cubs (28) – The somewhat scrappy Cubbies are playing pretty good baseball, even after the yard sale they had last week.

29. Colorado Rockies (29) – Jim Tracy, you should be fired and never be allowed to work in baseball again.

30. Houston Astros (30) – They stink. They just made another trade.


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