A Weekly Educated Movie Recommendation by Shaun Smith

“First Lady, I’m sorry I pimp-slapped you into that china cabinet. I used excessive force. Oftentimes, I cross the line, but I try to do so in the name of what’s right. Most of the time, the ends justifies the means. But in this case, I feel like I betrayed my own code of ethics. And for that, sugar, I apologize.”

Friday Flicks is back strong this week discussing the 2009 black-exploitation comedy Black Dynamite.

Shot and edited much like an older Grindhouse film, Black Dynamite is a nod to older blaxploitation films such as Foxy Brown, Shaft, and Blackenstein.

The film stars Michael Jai White as the title character, a smooth-talking former CIA operative jive mofo who solves crime and beats down thugs.

The story begins with Black Dynamite’s brother being found murdered in a supposed drug-related killing.

Black Dynamite decides to help the police find his brother’s killer, presumably being The Man, and end the string of narcotics being pumped into the local orphanage.

Black Dynamite assembles a cavalcade to take down The Man and stumbles upon a top secret government plan called Code Kansas.

Honestly the scene where the heroes figure out who and what is behind Code Kansas is one of the most hilarious scenes in recent memory.

Of course in typical Grindhouse fashion, Black Dynamite is filled is mistakes and blunders done on purpose to give that feel of a low-budget 1970s exploitation movie.

The film even has the look of an old 16mm print from back in the day.

One of the more essential qualities to any comedy is the ability for the film to have not only replay value but also quotable moments, and Black Dynamite has plenty of those.

The film has since spun off an animated series on Cartoon Network’s Adult SwimC obviously called Black Dynamite: the Animated Series and airs every Sunday night at 11:30pm.

If you are bored on a Friday night with a bunch of people over and are looking for a damn good time, Black Dynamite will fulfill your needs.

  1. JGunn says:

    Highly underrated movie. Should have had a wide release in theaters. Best movie I’ve seen in years. Can’t wait for the sequel.

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