The Low Price Of Gaming

Posted: July 24, 2012 by Jason M Green in Video Games
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Jason M Green

By Jason Green







Everyone who plays video games all know one thing. The price.

An average game costs $60 bucks.

$60 dollars is by no means a small sum of money, especially in today’s economy, people are fiscally-minded.

But if you take a look back in the past, you’ll see how $60 dollars is not that bad.

Lets go back in time to the good year of 1990.

Seinfeld became a hit, the Golf War began, and a very expensive video game system known as the Neo Geo debuted.

The Neo Geo was unlike anything at the time. It was a system that was extremely ahead of its time. The only problem was the price.

It ran up to $649 dollars and each game was tagged at $200 dollars.

That was over 20 years ago.

The Turbo Grafx 16, released in 1989, was…

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