By: Vin D’Anton

American League:

Rookie of the Year: Mike Trout – CF Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 

.341 AVG (1st AL) 12 HR (1st AL Rookies) 40 RBI (1st MLB Rookies) 88 H (1st MLB Rookies) 26 SB (1st AL)

Do I need an explanation? The 20-year old has exceeded all early career expectations as a first year starter in Anaheim…I mean Los Angeles…I mean Los Angeles and Anaheim??? Anyways, the numbers say it all. Let’s not forget the glove and his range. He’ll be an MVP one day.

Manager of the Year: Robin VenturaChicago White Sox

US Presswire

47-38 1st Place AL Central

When the hire was made, everyone thought (and if you didn’t you’re a liar) it was just a cheap move by GM Kenny Williams. It seemed he was hired to be a scapegoat for a season or two while Williams would survive and stick around to rebuild. Well, Ventura who has no managerial experience at all, has taken an underachieving team and placed them on top of a division where everyone and their mother picked Detroit. They are getting a solid number of hits and runs from their lineup and scrappy veterans like A.J. Pierzynski and Paul Konerko have help lead the way. The pitching isn’t sexy after Chris Sale and Jake Peavy, but they’ve been doing enough to be where they are after the first half of the season…it won’t be good enough when the Tigers start creeping up on them.

Cy Young: Jered Weaver – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

10-1 1.90 ERA (1st MLB) 73 K’s .188  AVG(1st MLB) 0.90 WHIP (1st MLB)

The David Price fans will hate me for this and being a public supporter of Chris Sale, this is a tough spot. Fact is, pound for pound, Jered Weaver has been the best pitcher in the AL this year. Sure, he missed two starts because of the back injury, but his first start back he throws seven scoreless innings against the San Francisco Giants. In 15 starts Weaver has been outstanding with his MLB leading 1.96 ERA after facing the power hitting Orioles three times and beating the Indians twice who are near the Top 10 in all of baseball in offense. Sprinkle in his other league leading stats and the no-hitter (why not?), Weaver deserves the award at the midway point.

MVP: Josh Hamilton – LF Texas Rangers

.308 AVG 27 HR (T-1st MLB) 75 RBI (1st MLB)

Like I said on last week’s Podcast, this pick is an easy way out but it makes the most sense anyway. Take a look at all the teams in first place or serious wild card contenders and you’ll realize he is the most valuable to his team. The power numbers speak for itself and this team will always be a contender as long as he is around.

National League

Rookie of the Year: Wade Miley – SP Arizona Diamondbacks 


9-5 (Leads NL Rookies) 3.04 ERA 70 K’s (1st NL Rookies)

While everyone wants to just hand it to Bryce Harper, I’m going with Miley. On a team that consists of Ian Kennedy and Trevor Cahill, Miley has more wins and a better ERA. Granted the run support is there but he is a rookie pitcher that is the bright spot of his teams rotation and there is no argument that he has been the most consistent rookie in the NL at his respective postion. He was also voted to the All Star game.

Manager of the Year: Terry CollinsNew York Mets 

46-40 3rd Place NL East

The 2012 New York Mets with their “minor league” players and balls of steel manager is the reason why we romanticize about baseball. They aren’t the prettiest team, they don’t hit home runs, and they have pitchers that nobody wanted…sounds like Terry Collins doesn’t it? He has been criticized for his managing style, petitioned to be fired by his players in Anaheim and the Met fan base was not jumping for joy after GM Sandy Alderson chose Collins over fan favorite Wally Backman. Collins has shut everyone up and has become the perfect fit fot the ball club. With a rotation at shortstop and a rugged outfield, no one has managed his team on a game by game basis better than Collins. With this makeshift team which consists of MVP candidate 3B David Wright, Collins has a team of minor leaguers that is 3rd in the NL in RBIs and 4th in OBP. It’s not the exciting power baseball in the Bronx…instead it’s small ball and “scrappy scrubs” in Flushing. Now, the argument can be made for Davey Johnson who put his job on the line, but the Nationals have been sitting a little to comfortable in 1st place.  They need to wake up.

Cy Young: R.A. Dickey – New York Mets


12-1 (T-1st NL) 2.4o ERA (5th NL) 123 K’s (2nd NL) .203 AVG (3rd NL) 0.93 WHIP (1st NL)

Another hands down winner, Dickey has caught America’s attention after pitching some of the best stretch of baseball we have ever seen. While the Mets organization has been basking in the glory of the Johan Santana no-hitter, Dickey has been superb compared to that performance. In his last 10 starts, Dickey has allowed 14 runs, struck out 91 batters and is 7-0. Throw in 49.2 scoreless innings and two one hitters and you have the most dominant pitcher in the NL.

MVP: Andrew McCutchen – CF Pittsburgh Pirates


.362 AVG (1st MLB) 18 HR (T-4th NL) 60 RBI (T-3rd NL) 58 runs (T-3rd NL) 112 hits (2nd NL)

While the MVP always and will go to the man who leads in all power numbers, my MVP goes to a player that is the Most Valuable to his teams success. The amazing story that is the 48-37 1st place Pirates does not exist without McCutchen. The Bucs have been at the bottom of the barrel in offense this season ranking 21st in runs with 345. McCutchen up until the late surge of offense from the Pirates has been 50% or a littles less of the Pirates offense. Also, lets not forget to mention the amazing catches he makes in center field to bail his pitchers out and his speed that is leadoff spot worthy. It’s simple, no Andrew McCutchen, no first place.


  1. Man says:

    Sale has a better adjusted ERA than Weaver in more innings. But Verlander’s massive innings advantage means he has simply been more valuable and better for his team so far than Weaver.

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