By: Vin D’Anton

Maxwell Award winner at Ole Miss, first overall pick in the draft, two time Super Bowl MVP and champion…for any other quarterback in the history of the NFL, those honors alone would have people shouting “Hall of Famer” and “top five quarterback in the NFL,” right? Well, not when those honors belong to a New York Giants quarterback named Eli Manning.

People even downplay the Super Bowl victories with a dropped interception by Asante Samuel and the Wes Welker drop: well, two can play the what if game…but we’ll get to that later.

Former New York Giant wide receiver Amani Toomer (whose only Super Bowl ring is on his finger because of Eli) went on national radio and said that Tony Romo is a better quarterback than Eli Manning…and on that dopey NFL Top 100 Players of 2012, the players voted Ben Roethlisberger #30 and Eli #31.

First with the Romo comparison: No argument with the numbers but he (along with Mark Sanchez) might be the weakest quarterback in the NFL mentally. In the season opener this past season against the Jets he fumbled and threw possibly one of the worst interceptions that even I could have caught. Then in the debacle against the Detroit Lions, the Cowboys were ahead in the 3rd quarter 27-3 until Romo threw two interceptions that were returned for touchdowns to make it  27-17. Lions went on to win 34-30.

Idiotic Cowboy fans and dopey Romo apologists say that the defense was to blame for that loss…hello?!?! He handed them three points in the third quarter! Eli throws one interception and everyone says “Oh, typical Eli.”

In the Week 14 loss to the Giants in Dallas, Romo had Miles Austin wide open for a first down to end the game and essentially the Giants season. What happened? Romo embarrassingly overthrew Austin…Giants get the ball back, and Eli Manning takes his team down the field to take the lead.

Oh, speaking of making a pass in a game winning situation, how about some big game they call the Super Bowl? In the fourth quarter and his team trailing with less than four minutes to go, Mario Mannigham was running down the sideline and Eli threw an absolute gorgeous pass that landed right in Manningham’s hands as he had coverage behind him and a safety coming from his right to nail him out of bounds.

Some guys have the IT factor (Eli), some don’t (Romo). Romo has one playoff win, Eli has eight.

Enjoy the couch bud

Again though, the Romo apologists want to blame the Cowboys defense and not the Cowboys quarterback for the teams woes. OK stat people, here are some defensive numbers for you.

Points allowed in 2011: DAL: 347 NYG: 400. Yard per game: DAL: 343.2 NYG: 376.4  Hell, the Giants were outscored this year 394-400…yet Eli Manning still carried his team to the playoffs.

Now Ben Roethlisberger: Both were drafted the same year, both have two Super Bowls.

Career statistics: Roethlisberger: 26,579 yds 165 TD, 100 INT, 63.1 pct.

Manning: 27,579 yds, 185 TD, 129 INT, 58.4 pct.

Nearly even heat there.

One thing Big Ben was blessed with was a great defense; in seven of his first eight seasons, Pittsburgh has ranked in the top five in total defense.

Eli on the other hand has had to deal with mediocre defenses and new receivers nearly every year that he helps groom into top flight wideouts. No matter whose on the field with him, he wins. When the Giants traveled up to New England this year, Eli had no Hakeem Nicks and no Ahmad Bradshaw and the Giants won.

In each of their two Super Bowl postseasons, Eli was way more pivotal to his teams success than Ben.

Ben in his two Super Bowl runs:

2005: 803 yds, 7 TD, 3 INT. 2008: 692 yds, 3 TD, 1 INT. (If you want to have some fun, look up his Super Bowl numbers).

Eli: 2007: 854 yds, 6 TD, 1 INT (that bounced off the hands of Steve Smith), XLII MVP. 2011: 1,219 yds (Playoff record), 9 TD, 1 INT, XLVI MVP. On top of that, let’s thank Eli for the greatest play in Super Bowl history.

Enough said.

Now I am not saying that Romo isn’t talented because he has made numerous spectacular plays and has great athletic ability; and Roethlisberger is a tank that has wowed us since his rookie year…but Romo is a mental wreck and Ben has had it a little easier with a great defense.

Back to the “what if” game nonsense.

Do the Steelers not deserve Super Bowl XIII because Hall of Fame tight end Jackie Smith dropped a sure touchdown in the endzone? The great Joe Montana‘s Super Bowl XXIII victory should be under scrutiny because the Bengals‘ Lewis Billups dropped a sure interception in the endzone before John Taylor‘s winning catch? Or how about Super Bowl XXXVIII where it was a tie game with less than two minutes to go and Panthers kicker John Kasay kicks the ball out of bounds on a kickoff that handed the Patriots great field postion and the game?

So we choose to remember the greatness of Bradshaw, Montana and Brady for those Super Bowls, but not Eli Manning? And let’s not debate the regular season stats of Montana and Bradshaw compared to Eli…but that’s for ten years from now.

The Eli haters have always stated that Eli is where he is because of his name…if anything his name has hurt him. Eli will always be compared to his brother which is completely unfair. Peyton is one the greatest football players to ever grace the gridiron and that is tough for any player to live up to.

They expect Eli to throw for 35 plus touchdowns every year and be league MVP…well Peyton has a playoff record of 9-10 to Eli’s 8-3.

Instead of judging Eli by his older brother and his non-MVP numbers, we should enjoy the type of player HE has become in his own right.

For a country that loves the underdog, you would think he would be adored. He is put down, told he can’t, they say he is not good enough, and what does he do? Outplays Tom Brady in Super Bowls, Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre at Lambeau in the playoffs, out duels Tony Romo when they go head to head, and out performs his brother on the field and leadership wise in the postseason.

But hey, what does Eli care? While people around the sports world put him down, he sits back with a big old cigar in his mouth wearing his two Super Bowl rings, staring at his two Super Bowl MVP trophies and who knows…he may laugh all the way to Canton.

  1. mikelou111 says:

    SPEAK IT BROTHA!!!! I am gonna link this article everywhere I go. Sick and so damned tired of the disrespect.

  2. Hitstick says:

    Anyone who disrespects Eli is just a typical “fantasy football” person. Eli’s playmaking and leadership skills in the clutch do not show up in the box scores. His 3rd down TD pass to Manningham in the NFC Championship on the road should be worth 500 touchdowns. Balls of steel.

  3. JGunn says:

    You seem to be highly favoring Eli and the Giants. Try the same story with more objectivity. Not saying Eli is a bad QB, but definitely not the best QB. He has his criticisms just like every other QB. One problem with EM is his consistency. Let’s just take this past year (not the 25 interception season a couple years ago), Giants got dominated by the worst team in their division. And if you blame bad losses against the Redskins and Seahawks on the team as a whole, then it’s the team as a whole that got the Giants a Super Bowl victory, not just Eli.

    Speaking of their postseason play, EM was instrumental. Very good games against Falcons, Packers and Patriots. And a tough, but good nonetheless, game vs the 49ers. I say tough, as in, as brilliant as he was, he could barely advance his team past the 50. Had the Niners not had an injured Ted Ginn on special teams we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    But since we must, I can appreciate and understand the comparisons with Ben and Romo, but why end it there? A lot of your argument is referencing Super Bowls and Hall of Famers. Having two rings doesn’t guarantee you a spot in Canton. You can look at another “all-time” favorite Giant QB to tell you that.

    How does Eli really compare with Montana, Elway, Staubach, Unitas, Plunkett, Brady, Aikman, Young, Bradshaw? Multiple Super Bowl winners and Hall of Famers. In time he may be comparable to a couple of those guys, but to mention him in the same sentence as Montana and Brady, may be a bit out of line, even for a Giants fan.

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