A Weekly Educated Movie Recommendation by Shaun Smith

For this week’s edition I was egging to dig into my personal favorites collection of films I tend to watch multiple times. The thing is most of these movies seem to be comedies and this is what I came up with.

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, released in 2006, stars Jack Black and Kyle Gass (together known as Tenacious D or just The D).

The film basically tells the fictional story of how Black and Gass (for the movie they are called JB and KG) joined forces to create The D as well as a major side plot involving a mysterious guitar pick called The Pick of Destiny.

According to old rock lore, The Pick of Destiny is actually a piece of Satan’s horns and is used to transform any guitar player into instant awesomeness on the instrument.

The D embarks on a journey to find and use The Pick to help them become famous rock stars.

Even though the film features a good number of The D’s music, overall it is a straight-up comedy with solid performances by Black and Gass.

There are so many outrageously funny scenes in this film that it becomes troublesome just to count them all.

We also get several cameos from big name stars such as Amy Poehler playing a rest stop waitress with a black eye, Amy Adams as some random chick, an unrecognizable John C. Reily as Sasquatch, Meat Loaf playing Jack Black’s preacher father in the opening flashback, Ronnie James Dio as himself, and Ben Stiller as a wacked-out guitar store clerk.

Personally my two favorite cameos are from Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl as Satan and Oscar winner Tim Robbins as the creepiest homeless man who may or may not be foreign and has a pronounced limp.

The opening of the film is one of the major highlights and is played through with The D’s song called “Kickapoo.”

In the opening, a young JB (perfectly casted Jack Black lookalike) sings the vulgar song at the dinner table and is punished by his father, Meat Loaf, as he rips down the rock posters in JB’s room.

After Meat Loaf leaves, we discover he missed one poster, Dio on a large thrown in Hell. JB asks the Dio poster for guidance. Magically the poster comes to life as Dio sings to JB and instructs him to go to Hollywood.

This film really surprised me since I was never really a Tenacious D fan previous to the movie. I had watched some of their HBO show and never really found it engaging.

For some reason the movie really turned me onto The D’s music. I don’t think you even need to be a fan of Tenacious D to like this movie. Maybe fans of rock and metal, but you don’t necessarily have to be a fan The D.

If it didn’t spoil the movie I would post the ending sequence where The D battle Satan in a Rock-Off, one of the greatest feats in cinematic history.


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