“Ted”: An honest review

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MacFarlane doesn’t let fans down in first feature film 

By: Vin D’Anton

Fuck you thunder, you can suck my dick!

For years, Seth MacFarlane has dominated television with his off the wall and essentially shocking jokes that no one ever had the audacity to make in his cartoon sitcom, Family Guy.

This summer, MacFarlane decided to take his comedic skills to the next level as he makes his silver screen and directorial debut in Ted.

Ted stars Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett, a 35-year-old who works at a rent-a-car agency and whose life is basically headed nowhere. The one thing that is right in his life is his girlfriend of four years Lori (Mila Kunis), who loves John dearly but there is one problem that prevents him from becoming a man and taking their relationship to the next level…Ted.

Ted (voiced by MacFarlane) is John’s childhood teddy bear, who came to life after John, a friendless youth, wished that Ted could talk.

After achieving fame in the 80’s as a young talking teddy bear, Ted eventually fades into normalcy and becomes a typical childhood actor when they grow up…a drug addict and jobless.

Everyday before John goes to work, he and Ted smoke pot and watch Flash Gordon, which results in John being late for work the majority of time.

Lori wants to spend the rest of her life with John, but the ultimatum is that Ted has to move out, get a job and his own apartment.

While Ted agrees, he and John find it hard to let go of their close friendship and find excuses to hang out nearly everyday.

Now, when the Ted trailer was released, even some of the biggest Family Guy fans I know had their doubts about the films comedic value. They thought that MacFarlane, who relies on aside clips and only twenty-minute episodes to produce great comedy, would not pull it off.

Well, if you don’t find this movie somewhat hilarious you are obviously not a true fan of Family Guy.

I give credit to MacFarlane for sticking to his guns by maintaining his format and style. Mixed in are all the kinds of MacFarlane comedy…the one liners that make you say “Holy shit, I can’t believe he just said that” to yourself…some aside clips…and of course, pop culture references.

At times in the theatre, you may find yourself being the only person laughing because the majority of kids in this generation know nothing about 70’s and 80’s pop culture. (No I’m not a venting middle-aged man, I’m unfortunately apart of this generation but decided not to be like them).

MacFarlane has thrived on reaching audiences of all ages over the years with shots at pop culture icons of all decades, and he doesn’t fail us in Ted. He also manages to poke fun at himself at one point.

MacFarlane doesn’t take himself seriously and the fact that he writes somewhat of a romantic comedy makes you laugh because he pokes fun at them on TV…but with corny romantic lines, I think he is still making fun of them but most will be to blind to understand that.

MacFarlane as a director was pretty good. The shots were very comfortable mixed in with some nice pans and zooms that went with the mood of the scene.  For example, during the party scene at Ted’s apartment where he and John are high on cocaine, they sit at a table and talk about their ideas to open their own restaurant…the camera spins around the table switching directions multiple times, establishing mass confusion and how fast thoughts are flying through their heads.

With the direction of the actors, the chemistry with Wahlberg and the bear was actually pretty impressive. As awful as Marky Mark can be, he did a great job to make you believe he was talking to a bear.

MacFarlane also does a good job with suspense scenes with his shots and the acting of Giovanni Ribisi…but I won’t spoil that for you.

The movie isn’t an instant A+ because it definitely isn’t as funny as Family Guy and in a way you can argue that Ted is just a stuffed animal version of Brian, but it is a solid comedy. There could have been dirtier jokes in there and the character of Ted could have been more bizarre considering MacFarlane created him.

Having said that, if you’re looking for a comedy that will actually make you laugh and give you something original, got to your local theatre and see Ted.


Rating: B+


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