Clemens verdict should not serve as a shock; goes beyond court issues

Posted: June 19, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports

By: Vin D’Anton


“Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut,” was the words of wisdom spoken to a young Henry Hill after refusing to spit out any information in court during his early Mob days in the film GoodFellas…down the road Hill threw those words out the window.

One man who went back and forth on those words was Andy Pettitte, who at this point, whether you are a die-hard Yankee fan or not, is just a clown involved in the circus that was the Roger Clemens trial.

First off, I would like someone to please justify to me the reason why the U.S. government wasted ungodly amounts of money on this circus, when it is baseball. I am a baseball purist and the whole steroid era eats away at my heart when I try to romanticize about baseball in the 90’s, but stay out of it.

Anyway, the “glove don’t fit, you must acquit” moment came when Pettitte told prosecutors that there was a “50-50 chance that he misunderstood” what Clemens told him during their discussion about Roger using HGH.

It was reported that during that meeting when prosecutors interviewed Andy in May, Clemens was present and the two did not even make eye contact. Obviously Clemens got to Andy and told him to retract his testimony, and anybody who thinks otherwise is just stupid. Andy ratted out his buddy the first time and now the rest his history.

With Andy retracting his statements, it left a jury that consisted of eight women and four men even more confused, and blew up the case so much that U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton was dumb enough to consider the comment useful.

“What we do have is an indication that maybe he did mishear him,” Walton said with jurors out of the courtroom.

With the shocking verdicts of O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony, the deadly mix of media and a clueless jury is the problem.

Juries get restless and sometimes throw in the towel. But the main problem is that these jurors get paid by major networks to make comments. After the verdict, Clemens trial jurors declined for comment…but just wait till NBC or TMZ comes to their front door with a blank check made out to “Cash.” With tough times in this country and this society in general being full of filth, you can count on that happening. This all started years ago because of the O.J. trial and verdict.

Speaking of filth, how about Brian McNamee? The average person would not trust him with a half of a penny. This guy reeks of fabrications. He never even specifically agreed or disagreed with Clemens’ commets about not taking steroids and HGH.

Clemens and McNamee

It is pretty strange that McNamee would keep syringes and cotton balls with DNA of Clemens in a beer can in his garage for years…to me that is a guy who had a plan to cause trouble so I throw trust out the window right there.

Now even though there is enough legal proof that Clemens can be dismissed, one cannot ignore the fact that two other clients of McNamee that he claimed took HGH, did admit they did. Those clients, Pettitte and fellow former Yankee Chuck Knoblauch.

In the Mitchell Report, McNamee named Pettitte, Knoblauch and Clemens…so if he nailed two of them, how could he be wrong about the third? Seems pretty unlikely; the attitude and personality of Clemens throughout this process has led us to go as far as to hate Clemens, never mind feel he is guilty.

Now in my heart of hearts, I believe Clemens took the roids and always will; but due to a dopey trainer, a useless jury, a court system with massive loopholes and Clemens’ butt buddy in Pettitte, he is legally clear and now all he has left to go is a defamation case with McNamee which might not be a problem at this point; and the question everyone will ask now is “will Roger be clear to make the Hall of Fame?”



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