Prometheus Review

Posted: June 11, 2012 by gd2525 in Movies
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by Shaun Smith

Prometheus is the new sci-fi “epic” directed by Ridley Scott, whose prior work included Blade Runner and Alien (which may or may not be a sequel to Prometheus).

The film is set in the future, 2093 if I remember correctly, and follows a group of scientists as they explore the origins of mankind, which ends up leading them to a new planet.

Noomi Rapace, the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is the lead scientist on the mission. In picture perfect casting, Michael Fassbender plays the android David (the very first artificially intelligent product of the Weyland Corporation, and yes this does play into the story).

Charlize Theron joins on for the ride as the stern leader of the ship, aka Prometheus, and is what appears to be a Weyland Corporation associate.

Now before I go on, the big question is whether this is actually a prequel to the 1979 film Alien or not. The answer is… I’m not sure.

Yes, even after seeing the movie it’s hard to say it’s a prequel but at the same time Prometheus has elements that would suggest a correlation with the Alien franchise.

Anyway, back to the plot… what little there is.

As you can tell by the trailer, all hell begins to break loose once the team invades the foreign planet.

Don’t worry; I will be keeping this review as spoiler-free as I possibly can.

As I mentioned before, the story in the film is really lacking and leaves a ton of plot holes that could have easily been explained if the filmmakers kept a clear path on where they wanted to go.

It felt like maybe Ridley Scott wanted to go one way while one of the writers wanted to go another and somehow they met in the middle with very little to no reason in between.

Visually the movie is great to look at. I didn’t see it in 3D, and I advise everyone to not see any movie in 3D, but I don’t feel seeing the film in 2D diminished any of the viewing experience.

The acting was decently good all around. Rapace did a serviceable job even though Fassbender is really the star of the film.

Idris Elba also gives a good performance as the ship’s captain and Guy Pierce is pretty good as Peter Weyland (even though his make-up bothered me a bit).

Unfortunately I feel Theron is miscast in her role. Even though she is a good actress, Academy Award winning, she doesn’t seem to commit to her role and isn’t a convincing suit.

This may have something to do with her character being underdeveloped until the end where they drop an unnecessary plot twist.

Did I mention the script sucked?

Anyway, I found the planet itself to be interesting but should have been explored more. It seemed like the team would head out, come back, then head out again, come back, and so on.

It was like spending the week down the shore. You stay at a house, and then go to the beach, then back to the house, then back to the beach, etc.

Pacing was another issue.

Going back and forth didn’t help matters but film seemed to be close to ending until another scene came up, and another, and another. Almost like a not as long Lord of the Rings: Return of the King ending.

Man, what an awful script.

There were also some unintentionally funny scenes within the film. The first one that comes to mind is the scene where Rapace is talking with her co-scientist boyfriend about creating life and saying how she can’t get pregnant. What?! That was a curveball to say the least.

My favorite was the “surgery” scene where something spoilerish happens, so I’ll be delicate.

For the surgery, a laser is used to cut open the patient and a claw, no different from the ones you would find at an arcade game on the Boardwalk, reaches in to fix the problem.

I literally laughed out loud and even asked which stuffed animal they were going to get.

On a side note, it was this scene in particular that some of the shots made Noomi Rapace look a little like Sigourney Weaver from Alien. I’m just saying.

The script also contains a ton of plot holes, most of which I can’t mention without spoiling the film.

I believe one of the posts on the IMDB message boards pretty much sums up the film: “Directed by a pro, written by a Fifth grader.”

Now I realize I’ve been pretty harsh on Prometheus but I feel like I should focus on a few positives. The cinematography is top notch and Fassbender gives a stellar performance.

Even with the unintentionally funny scenes, there are tension filled scenes and the film is mostly entertaining.

The special effects are solid and they introduced some interesting creatures, such as the large penises that travel in the water slime.

It’s hard for me to give Prometheus a failing grade even with the problems with the plot. If this was a paper written for class, I would grade it with a passing 80. Not bad enough to get a C but not even close to obtaining a high B.

Grade: B- or **1/2

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