Friday Flicks 5-25-12

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 A Weekly Educated Movie Recommendation by Shaun Smith

After a three week absence, Friday Flicks is back and we’re going over the Pacific for this week’s selection.

From the acclaimed Japanese director, Takashi Miike, comes Ichi the Killer (or Koroshiya 1 in some countries).

This crime/action/gore fest from 2001 is virtually impossible to describe. Even as crazy as the plot is, I will attempt to try.

We basically have two main characters throughout the story, the title character Ichi and an evil and sadistic Yakuza henchman named Kakihara.

Kakihara is a well-known sadomasochistic and has one of the most interesting yet haunting piercings you will ever see.

Think of it as if The Dark Knight Joker’s scars never fully healed/sealed up and are being held together by metal clips.

Anyway, Kakihara is in search of his boss who has gone missing along with 300 million yen.

Within his search of his missing boss, Kakihara meets Ichi, a sexually-repressed and mentally disturbed young man who has impeccable martial art skills as well as blades on the sides of his shoes to murder people.

Kakihara, the ultimate sadomasochistic, searches to find the ultraviolent Ichi to cure his addiction to pain.

Ichi the Killer almost becomes a typical slasher film as Ichi picks off Kakihara’s crew one-by-one until the final battle comes between the two.

Because this is a foreign film made in Japan, depending on the version of the film you watch, there may be subtitles.

Don’t worry those of you who can’t or won’t read during a movie, there is a hilarious dubbed track on the DVD that needs to be listened.

I’m pretty sure the American distributors hired British actor Clive Owen to do the voice of Kakihara. No joke, it sounds exactly like him.

Did I mention this film is incredibly gory? After the last Friday Flicks selection and this one, I think next week’s pick needs to be bloodless.

Is Ichi the Killer an Oscar caliber film? Nope, but it offers its share of wacked out characters and blood spraying to go around.


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