Brodeur’s comment a shot at Lundqvist?

Posted: May 16, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports
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Could Marty be tired of the Rangers/Lundqvist media love-fest? 

By: Vin D’Anton


The New Jersey Devils are having a fantastic postseason after missing the playoffs last year for the third time in 18 years. Even though they went seven games against the Florida Panthers in the first round, they played arguably the best hockey in these playoffs during the second round, destroying the hated Flyers.

Now in the Eastern Conference Finals, they are up against perhaps their most hated rival…the New York Rangers.

Martin Brodeur vs. Henrik Lundqvist.

“The King” took game one with the Blue Shirts winning 3-0 at the Garden on Monday. You wake up today to hear Marty discussing how to make the Rangers style of defensive play blow up in their faces…literally.

“They’re hot at blocking shots,” he said, according to the New York Post. “We might be able to hurt a few guys (by) hitting one-timers in the foot and their head or something.”

While most people look at this as a “player wanting to injure other players” non-sense (which his position doesn’t allow him to do), the case could be made that it is a shot at Lundqvist.

It honestly seems like Marty is applauding the way the Rangers defense plays hockey by sacrificing their bodies, but maybe it is Marty blowing off steam and talking a little trash on “The King,” who gets all the attention.

While it is a reach he means that, it is an intelligent way for Marty to say that Henrik wouldn’t be as good without his defense.

It can be argued that Brodeur is the greatest goalie in the history of hockey…but you wouldn’t know that lately because of the love fest for Lundqvist.

The numbers don’t lie when it comes to Marty…NHL regular season record for wins (656), shutouts (119) and second all time in postseason wins (107) behind Patrick Roy. Oh, lets not forget three Stanley Cups.

In their first six postseasons (which includes this one for Henrik), Lundqvist has 1,319 saves on 1,437 shots against, to Marty’s 1,940 saves and 2,102 shots against.

Wins: Lundqvist: 24, Brodeur: 50.

Shutouts: Lundqvist: 5, Brodeur: 8.

This postseason isn’t over yet, but even if the Rangers win the Stanley Cup, Henrik wouldn’t be close to Marty’s win total or maybe even saves.

It is sickening to hear the media before and during these playoffs talking about how Lundqvist is this great playoff goalie…not even talking about Marty in the process.

This could mean one of two things for Marty; A. he has had it with the love fest for one of the most overrated franchises in the history of sports and he’ll take his anger out by dominating on the ice…or B. This frustration could affect his play on the ice and lead to a disastrous exit for the 40-year old future Hall of Famer.

Knowing the history of Marty, he is ready to bring it.

All the Rangers do is steal the back-pages while they do absolutely nothing except bitch and moan about referees, and that hypocritical head coach. Oh, thus we forget the constant reminding for Marty and the Devils about 1994.

Marty and the Devils have had it.

Strap up the skates and slip on the sweaters boys…this series is just getting started.


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  2. Mr Orcel says:

    u mad bro??

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