Friday Flicks 4-27-12

Posted: April 27, 2012 by gd2525 in Movies
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A Weekly Educated Movie Recommendation by Shaun Smith

My pick for this week’s Friday Flicks is a little known movie by the Dogma-originated director Lars Von Trier called Antichrist.

Now I expect two separate reactions for choosing this film, the people who have never heard of it and the people who have seen it.

The people who have no idea what Antichrist is are wondering just what the hell this movie is and why is it on this blog? The other half of people who have seen Antichrist are wondering why on God’s green Earth did I pick this movie (Not to mention their eyes may still be recovering).

In any event, the film stars Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg as a married couple who relocate to a remote cabin in the wood in an attempt of trauma therapy after the death of their young child.

As expected in a Lars Von Trier film, all hell breaks loose and it breaks pretty quickly.

The story here is pretty basic with the narrative split into four chapters including a prologue and epilogue. The film doesn’t reveal its slightly coded antagonist until the third chapter of the film.

The film’s visuals are the most haunting aspect of the narrative. There are numerous sequences, mostly shot in slow-motion, that are powerful yet disturbing.

Antichrist began Von Trier’s newfound visual tag of filming shots in a whopping 1,000 frames per second (fps) aka super-slow-motion.

He uses this technique even more in his recent film Melancholia but began here will a majority of the film’s prologue in 1,000 fps as well as other shots including the well-known acorn shower sequence.

One of the more intriguing aspects of the film is the fact that other than the child who is killed, Dafoe and Gainsbourg are the only actors in the entire film.

Von Trier, who has had frequent bouts of serious depression in his life, saw an enormous increase in his condition before and during the shooting of Antichrist to the point where he almost halted production due to his depression.

I must add a disclaimer to any attempted viewers who are squeamish in any way whether it’s blood/gore, graphic nudity, or animal mutilation. If any of these offend you in any way DO NOT watch Antichrist, rent Zookeeper instead.

To say this film is a haunting depiction of the death of a child is an understatement. Antichrist features numerous lingering images that cannot be unseen, even if you force yourself to forget.

It’s a tough film to get through but I feel it’s worth watching just for some of the overall shock value of the film.

  1. jasonmgreen says:

    Seems like the perfect date movie

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