Why the Jets should trade up for Trent Richardson

Posted: April 26, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports

By: Christian Fazzini

Tonight the NFL draft will take place in the Big Apple and as it nears, the New York Jets have contacted former University of Alabama running back Trent Richardson; let the speculation begin.

When asked about why the Jets contacted him, Richardson said, “They wanted to know my information as far as whether that’s the right number to reach me in case something does happen, with them trading up.”

Hmmm. Interesting…

Since 2009 when the Jets hired Rex Ryan, the team has put a huge emphasis on its running attack.

In 2009, they were the number one rushing attack averaging 172.2 yards per game. In 2010 the Jet continued their success running the football as they ranked number four in rushing, averaging 148.4 yards per game.

Much attributed to the success of the running game, in both the 2009 and 2010 seasons, the Jets advanced to AFC Championship. But 2011 was a different story.

The Jets offensive line, including Pro Bowl Center Nick Mangold, both their running backs, Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson were all hindered by injuries all season thus causing the running game to falter. With only 105 yards per game, the Jets were ranked 22nd in league and much of the pressure was put on Mark Sanchez.

Sanchez could not handle the burden as the Jets ranked 25th in passing in the ’11 season. Due to the poor offensive attack, the Jets went 8-8, missed the playoffs, and watched their hometown rivals take home the Lombardi Trophy.

Could Trent Richardson be the perfect fit for the New York Jets?


In 283 attempts, Richardson ran for 1,679 yards, and 21 scores. He also caught 29 passes for 338 yards and 3 touchdowns.

The Jets are making a valiant effort to get back to their ground and pound style of football by hiring Tony Sparano who was notoriously know for his run game in Miami.

Over the past three years, the Jets success is correlated to their running game. By drafting a stud like Trent Richardson the Jets will benefit tremendously.

Richardson would fill the spot of Tomlinson, who is currently a free agent, and it will give them a great tandem running back system, as Richardson and Greene would most likely share the backfield duties.

In conjunction with this, Sparano also ran the wildcat formation in Miami, which would look very attractive with Tim Tebow, Greene and Richardson in the backfield.

ESPN’s Sal Palantonio, was the man who started it all by putting out the initial report that the Jets contacted Richardson. In his first report he highlighted that the number one player on the Jets big board is Richardson, but recently, he contradicted what he said on Wednesday when the news broke.

Palantonio told profootballtalk.com “…that a Jets official told him there is a ‘0.0 percent chance’ that the Jets pay the price they need to pay to get Richardson. The only caveat to that report was that the Jets could change their mind if they get a sweetheart deal, but there’s not a high likelihood of that happening.”

Well, is he worth it?

I think so.

From watching him at Alabama and his pro day, Richardson has the potential to be a stud in the NFL

Yes, they will have to give up a lot to draft the stud Alabama running back, but it could potentially lead them to another AFC Championship, and possibly get them over the hump to Super bowl XLVII.


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