Can the unpredictable Knicks make a run in the playoffs?

Posted: April 20, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports

By: Shane Bellingham

You ask somebody on the street of any major city who the Knicks are and you may get a million different responses.

One could be about Carmelo Anthony‘s slow season, Steve Novak’s discount double checks, or Mike D’Antoni’s swift exit from the big apple. The majority of course will involve a young Harvard educated kid who shocked the world for three glorious weeks.

These jumbled responses, however, tell a much bigger picture. The Knicks are a team of extreme highs and lows.

From the harsh jeers every time Melo shot the ball after his injury return to jubilation as he hit a game winner against the first place Bulls with a hand firmly attached to his face, the players seem almost as confused as the fans when ever they take the court.

With the Knicks last playoff win happening over ten years ago, this upcoming post season continues to look increasingly more interesting for them as the playoffs begin to take shape.

As New York (without Amare Stoudemire and Jeremy Lin) currently settles into seventh place in the east; this means the looming presence of the Miami Heat await them in the first series. With four games left in the regular season the Knicks still have an opportunity to move pass the beleaguered Magic to take sixth and avoid Chicago and Miami all together.

Jared Jeffries has other plans.  “I still think the Bulls,” he said when asked who he’d prefer to play. “I mean, they’re still playing very well without him, but I’m not sure over a seven-game series they can keep that high level of playing without Derrick Rose.”

Either way the Knicks play an extremely hot and cold game frequently putting up points in bunches or scoring little to no points for extended periods of time. In their last loss to the Heat, Melo shot the lights out with 42 points on 27 shots but the role players just didn’t come through as Baron Davis, Iman Shumpert and Landry Fields combined for only 4 of 18 to lose to Miami 93-85.

When firing on all cylinders, the Knicks look like a completely different ball club as their usually stellar defense frequently holds teams below 90 points. When the ball starts getting shared and people like Novak and Fields start getting looks, the Knicks start to do some damage as the Nets found out Wednesday night.

The truth is you just never know what Knicks team you are going to get. As Melo continues to average 32 points shooting .513 for the month of April, he finally appears to have found his stride. Once big picture guys like Lin and Stoudemire come back, that could all change.

Or it might not. The only thing that’s really certain is that Knicks fans have some interesting basketball ahead of them


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