Christmas Coming Early – Collector’s Editions

Posted: April 19, 2012 by Jason M Green in Video Games

By Jason Green

Yesterday my roommate asked me to take him to Gamestop so he could buy The Witcher 2. Once we got there and he proceeded to purchase the game, I noticed he was actually buying a very large box. He bought the $100 collectors edition of the game complete with a hard cover book, a few decals, a large necklace, and of course the game itself. Looking at this huge box of goodies got me thinking that buying a game nowadays is more of a personal event than a simple purchase.

For those who don’t know, if a gamer feels like going the extra mile he/she will purchase one of the more expansive options to choose from, like a collector’s edition, and those are always filled with extra toys like art books, or posters, and extra downloadable content.

To this day my favorite collector’s edition was the “hero” edition of Infamous 2 I purchased a year ago.

Inside the box was a game, a poster, a comic, a displayable figure of Infamous’ Cole McGrath, and a life sized replica backpack that Cole wears in game. The backpack was the selling point for me and if you know me personally, you’ll see I’m always wearing it to class. Definitely money well spent.

Last week Kotaku reveled the enormously priced Resident Evil 6 collector’s edition that is $1000. It comes with four phone cases, each represent a different RE character, a replica of Leon Kennedy’s leather jacket, and I think the game is in there somewhere; definitely the most ambitious collectors edition to date.

That’s the first time I remember anything of the gaming category costing $1000. Not even game consoles alone were ever that much.

Collector’s editions are available for every form of entertainment. There are collector’s items for TV shows, movies, and cards. Having that category for a video game really solidifies the fact that video games are a definitive entertainment medium.

Let me know what your favorite collector’s editions are. Either if you’ve bought it or have seen one elsewhere.


  1. Goddy says:

    I am always a “sucker” when it comes to collectors editions. For me sometimes it makes me feel like I stand out cuz I really enjoy the game or the series and if I get the collector edition it just goes to show that. It is similar to almost any hobby. Off the top of my head I beleive I got the RE5 collector edition, MW2, GTAIV, and Skyrim along with the collector edition hardcover guide. Its hard to pick the favorite, but it is between Skyrim and MW2, cuz less face it, those NVG are legit lol

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