The New York Mets are a joke…and no, not the team

Posted: April 18, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports

By: Vin D’Anton


The New York Mets seem to have nothing but positives attached to their name right now. With a 7-4 start and promise from young talent, the fans are getting what they deserve.

What they don’t deserve is the embarrassment that is the Met organization as a whole. For starters, Owner Fred Wilpon and his son Jeff are Looney bins. Between Fred’s five-dollar bills joke when talking about the finances of the club…and Jeffy boy taking a helicopter from center field in Port St. Lucie to attend a Miami Heat game during the team’s financial crisis, they are idiots. That idiocy has now spread to the public relations and promotions department.

It is a special year in Met history, as they are celebrating their 50th Anniversary and they have a great giveaway in store.

At five separate games this season, they will giveaway a Bobblehead of a player representing each decade (60’s-2000’s).

1960’s: Tom Seaver…70’s: Rusty Staub…80’s: Keith Hernandez…90’s: Edgardo Alfonzo…00’s: Mike Piazza.

Edgardo Alfonzo?! Are you kidding me!? He joined the team in ’95 and then left in 2002. While statistically he ranks among the best in Met history, he was not a clutch performer.

When I think 90’s Mets, only one player comes to mind: John Franco. He was on the team for the entire decade (until ’04), is a hometown kid, and had 276 saves with the team.

It gets worse though. In September, when the Atlanta Braves play their last series at Citi Field for the season, the Mets will honor Chipper Jones who is retiring at season’s end. Are you kidding me?!

How stupid can they be? This guy is the definitive Met killer and has reached into the chests of Met fans and ripped their hearts out…and he laughed at them in the process. How much more of a disservice can you do a loyal fan base that sticks by your side even though you give them a crappy product year after year.

On the day of that game, the fans should stand outside of Citi Field and burn the tickets for that game and cause a riot.

Then yesterday, I find one that boggles my mind and angers me to extremes. On April 24th, when the Marlins come to Flushing for the first time this season, the Mets will honor Jose Reyes with a video tribute…(insert all expletives imaginable here.)

What the hell makes him deserve this? He was always injured, had an attitude problem, played when he felt like it (especially contract years), had a BS batting title, and signed with a division rival.

This maneuver is unfair and disrespectful to Mets fans. It’s distasteful and disgusting that their fans have to have this garbage put in front of their faces at a game where they spend a week’s paycheck to watch baseball.

Not only would I burn the tickets, I’d burn his jersey and pictures of him.

The New York Mets are a joke, and they are doing nothing to prove otherwise.   @VinDanton 


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