NHL or NFL Playoffs?

Posted: April 16, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports

By: Vin D’Anton

Scott Hartnell

The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs have not even been on for a week and already excitement has been on overdrive. Between the brawls on Broad Street and seven overtimes including one double, die-hard hockey fans cannot stop romanticizing over the sport.

Fans argue that these playoffs are the most exciting in sports (of the Big Four that is) and that it’s drama is unbeatable; and with NBC now making every game accessible, the fan base is growing with ratings going up over 22%.

There really is only one other sport that can be argued with these playoffs, and it is the one that get’s the best ratings…the NFL.

While the NHL is a Best of seven series and takes two months to be completed, the argument can be made that the NFL is more suspenseful. It’s simple: win or go home.

The amazing moments that have come in these playoffs in recent years has been historical in sports: The Music City MiracleSuper Bowl XXXIV when Mike Jones tackled Kevin Dyson one yard short of the goal line…The “Patriots” upsetting the Rams in XXXVI a few months after 9/11…and of course the miracle in Arizona in Super Bowl XLII. The list is long from Wild Card round and on.

So, which playoffs is better?

With the NHL, even if you lose a game you can feel comfortable because you have a ton of chances to follow; but with the passion that comes from the least paid athletes out of the four major sports, the fights and the overtimes, ya gotta love it.

The NFL, every single snap is vital. One pass, one drop, one fumble, and one game…it’s over. You are on the edge of your seat every second.

Cast your vote and settle this argument once and for all:

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