Reboots, Remakes, Re-releases: Yay or Nay

Posted: April 11, 2012 by Jason M Green in Video Games

 by Jason Green

Video games have been around since the late 1980s and over that course of time they have evolved into a medium of their own. So as games progress, and sequels and prequels are being made one-after-the-other, developers will eventually run out of ideas right?

Nowadays video games are getting revamped in every way, shape, and form. Remakes of classic games are being made; HD (high definition) versions of older games are being re-released, and the new term “reboot” is being thrown around. Reboot is kind of like a remake but not entirely. When a game is rebooted, it is started back at the beginning but its story won’t be as it originally was and will have changed in drastic ways. Reboots are a way for developers to simply try again on a game or game series that did not work the first time around, or has gotten stale.

So the question is: are we in favor of this?

Rebooting a game can swing both ways. For example: take a look at the most recent Mortal Kombat game. It went back to the original format of the older entries in the series but built upon that and that made for one fantastic fighting game that was met with critical praise. On the flip side, the recent reboot of Bionic Commando bombed harder then any explosion the commando ever planted. Finally, I know some of you were probably expecting this; the reboot of the enormously famous Devil May Cry series is (presumably) coming out this year. The developers at Ninja Theory have totally scrapped the original Devil May Cry story and now have something entirely new with a newer looking Dante, the staple of the series. Fans were outraged over this dramatic change because Dante looks drastically different then he originally did. I personally feel this series did not need to be rebooted because the first four games were about a really cool protagonist simply fighting demons, so a fifth game just needed to be about Dante fighting more demons. Rebooting the entire lore of the first four games and turning this into something completely different, with a completely different lead character, takes a lot of guts on the developers behalf but, honestly, I am excited for it. From what I’ve seen it looks awesome and Dante’s new look is not SO bad… sorta.

Old Dante (left) New Dante (right)

A lot of classic games are being re-released in glorious high def these days. Games such as the Metal Gear Solid games, the Sly Cooper games, and the Jak and Daxter games among many, many more. Since so many older games have been re-released, my guess is that they’re selling well. But how long will it be before we’re tired of buying the same thing twice? I personally am a sucker for HD re-releases and have purchased the Metal Gear Solid HD games as well as Rayman 3 HD. Finally, game remakes, which are not as prevalent as the other two on this last, are still a force. The famous Pokemon Red and Green games were remade under the titles FireRed and LeafGreen, but ultimately the genre of game remakes also falls under the HD re-releases of games, since they’re one in the same.

So, as gamers, are we in favor of all these RE’s? I see it as a double-edged sword. On one edge you have people who are caught in the past and would love to relive their favorite games, but this time in full high def and with added content, and you have the gamers who want a fresh take on an old story. However, on the other edge you have gamers who are tired of the same things being released and want something original. But, as they say, there are only 10 scripts in Hollywood, so nothing is original anymore.



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