March Madness Championship Pick

Posted: April 2, 2012 by vindanton in College Sports

By: Vin D’Anton

When the brackets were first released in early March, I honestly didn’t think much of Kansas. I really only picked them to go to the Elite 8 because of how much I admire the Jayhawks coach, Bill Self.

Every time I pick UNC to lose (except for 2007 when I had Georgetown), they win. So, I took UNC to beat Kansas.

Something popped into my head though as I was about to fill out my sorry excuse for a bracket for the 2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

With all the eeriness left by the New York Giants and their “four-year later” repeat of a Super Bowl title, I couldn’t help but think about history repeating itself. In the 2008 tourney, Self’s Jayhawks defeated John Calipari’s University of Memphis Tigers in the National Championship.

So I said to myself, I said; “self (no pun intended), what if, four years later, we have a Coach Cal and Bill Self rematch.” Knowing how bad I am at predictions with games, I said “eh, I’ll stay away.”

Moral of the story: Always go with your gut instinct…unless you have a hunch that the Bobcats are going to beat the Heat…do not do that.

So, to the game, tonight at 9:23PM on CBS…yes, 9:23…I find myself conflicted once again. What to do?

Thank the Lord Kansas won, because this is the best matchup we can ask for because the Jayhawks are the perfect challenge for the Kentucky Wildcats.

Over 50% of Kansas’ points came in the paint Saturday night, and that is a testament to the Kansas style of offense which is drive the lane till no end. That will be a challenge for the young Wildcats.

Kentucky’s Anthony Davis is hands down the best player in the nation, and expect Kansas’ Thomas Robinson and Jeff Withey do their best to put a number on him. And you know Self is going to use the triangle and two defense.

The triangle and two shuts down a perimeter player by forcing him to beat the man guarding him as well as an established zone inside the paint. So, Robinson and Withey focus in on Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and then we’ll take care of the two guards Marquis Teague and Darius Miller.

On paper it sounds easy right? Well, that’s why they say “on paper.”

As much as I bELIeve in a brilliant defensive scheme and how this is “Coach Cal vs. Bill Self,” nothing beats pure talent…and this is more than that; this is a group of pure talent in the Wildcats.

We saw against Louisville that Kentucky had that moment in the game where things got tight and they lost their cool for a little bit, and Kansas is the comeback kids of the tournament…but a cold start won’t help them at all.

Pick: Kentucky. Coach Cal will not let this one slip by, and then after winning his first National Title (even though it will be taken away in five years), he will head back to the NBA to coach the New York Knicks. Heard that here first.


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