With new OT in regular season, the NFL fails its fans yet again

Posted: March 30, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports

By: Vin D’Anton

As a diehard football fan, I have grown to love some of the every year traditions the NFL has made over the years.

Ken Whisenhunt, Jeff Fisher and Mark Murphy are all members of the Committee

The NFL Draft is a spectacle, NFL Free Agency, Opening Weekend…all this stuff is great; but one thing that I feel like the owners and Competition Committee are getting carried away with, is making a freakin’ rule change every year. They force issue after issue on themselves all because of whiney journalists and TV analysts like Bob Costas who think sports is about giving a trophy to the kid who tried hard but came in last.

First off, if fans really want to know why officiating this season was so brutal, look no further that the Committee and owners. Everything is about playing “fair” and “rules”…we’ll let the crying nerds who watch from their overpriced suites change the rules of the NFL.

There are so many ticky-tacky “calls” and “rules” that it gets more and more pathetic to watch an NFL game.

All these rules branch off of upset coaches and owners who think they got screwed when a traditional “rule” or “penalty” cost them a victory. Excuse me, but your team costs themselves the victory…unless of course you are the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL.

The new overtime non-sense started with the Minnesota Vikings losing to the New Orleans Saints in the 2009 NFC Championship Game. The Vikings, who outplayed the Saints, lost the coin toss and then Garret Hartley kicked the winning field goal on New Orleans first OT possession. Game over…Saints go to their first Super Bowl.

Thus we forget, ten minutes earlier, the Vikings were near field goal range and Brett Favre did his best Brett Favre impression and threw an interception. On top of that, let’s not forget how many times Adrian Peterson fumbled in that game.

(By the way, even the Vikings voted the New OT Rule down when they changed it for the playoffs).

A year earlier, we heard Bob Costas perform one of his sonnets on NBC Sunday Night Football, moaning about the overtime rule and “how can you justify a team losing a Super Bowl because of a coin toss?” SHUT UP! You troll.

The 1958 NFL Championship Game, a.k.a. “The Greatest Game Ever Played,” was the first overtime/sudden death game ever. To this day, in the year 2012, people still refer to it as “The Greatest Game Every Played.”

Why? Because sudden death is about who has the “it” factor in them. Who can play defense…who can man up and make the big stop…who will reach deep inside and have the heart and desire to play until the ball is in their offense’s hands.

Sudden death is exciting, not this second chance bull shit…yeah, I said it, bull shit.

In this day and age, we are so worried about player safety and health right? So what are we going to do if the Raiders and Chargers play a double overtime regular season game on a Sunday, then the Chargers have to travel and play a Thursday Night game that same week…that nobody will watch by the way.

On top of that, you’ll have longer games! I can’t wait until a Steelers Ravens four o’clock game interferes with a Giants Eagles Sunday Night game.

The main argument continues to be that teams can score with a field goal first and win correct? Well members of the Committee…do you know why it is so easy for teams to march down the field quickly? BECAUSE YOU MADE THE RULES THAT FAVOR THE OFFENSE!!!!

Maybe if you let defensive backs and linebackers play real football when they’re in coverage, we wouldn’t have this problem of teams scoring quickly.  Maybe if you let them play football the way is what meant to be played, we wouldn’t have all the “rule” and “penalty” problems.

NFL fans; the NFL has failed us once again.


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