Why the Phillies will win the World Series

Posted: March 25, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports

By: Vin D’Anton

Phillies celebrate World Series win 2008

Since the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series in 2008 over the Tampa Bay Rays, it has been nothing but high expectations for the City of Brotherly Love’s baseball team.

Since that title, it hasn’t gone as planned, getting only worse each year.

2009: Loss to New York Yankees in World Series

2010: Loss to San Francisco Giants in NLCS…Giants went on to win the World Series.

2011: Loss to St. Louis Cardinals in NLDS…the Cardinals, well, you know.

The Phils and GM Ruben Amaro Jr. (who replaced Hall of Famer Pat Gillick after ’08) have just laid the pressure on themselves even more since 2008 by getting big named players…essentially, the “Yankee Way.” Which really is a whole argument for another day.

They have added Cliff Lee (twice), Roy Halladay, Placido Polanco, Roy Oswalt, Hunter Pence, and most recently, Jonathan Papelbon. Excluding Papelbon, the Phils have not won a title since going after these kinds of players.

Don’t get me wrong; these guys are some of the best the big leagues have to offer…but the majority of those guys have been in the league a long time and have never won a World Series.

The point that is trying to be made here is that the Phillies won that World Series with Philly type guys; guys who didn’t get paid the big bucks and some guys who worked their way through the organization. Not superstars.

You can argue that Chase Utley, Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins fit that label, but they bled their way through the teams minor league system and are Phillies through and through.

The guys that are potential Rollins and Howard’s are being sent to Houston and delaying the minor league process…just ask the New York Yankees about that.

Before winning the title in 2009, the Yankees last World Championship was in 2000. After that dynasty, the organization went way over the top with overpriced contracts and forcing themselves year after year to make unnecessary trades at the deadline just to do something.

The Yanks were on a title drought, Joe Torre left, and all their great prospects were shipped to low-end organizations.

It doesn’t work. The only time it worked was 2009 with the Yankees that is it.

The 2010 San Francisco Giants had two-time Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum and a homegrown pitching staff leading the way. Their offense? Hard working baseball players, or maybe you can call them “Moneyball” type guys. Aubrey Huff, Cody Ross, rookie Buster Posey, long shot Andres Torres…the list goes on.

Those are guys playing like there is no tomorrow…those are the guys you want. Not a Carlos Beltran who joined the Giants at the deadline in 2011 and the team went down the tubes.

The Phillies will be fine because they have done that this offseason. With Howard out a while, Raul Ibanez leaving, and now the Utley mess, the Phillies did what smart teams do.

To replace Howard and Ibanez, the Phillies are going with a combination of Jim Thome, Ty Wigginton and John Mayberry. Sound familiar Moneyball fans?

Entering the 2002 season, the Oakland A’s needed to replace first baseman Jason Giambi and outfielder Johnny Damon, who were coming of stellar seasons and they signed elsewhere. To replace them, GM Billy Beane rounded up three inexpensive baseball players: Jeremy Giambi (Jason’s little brother), “Old man” David Justice, and Scott Hatteberg.

The outcome? A division title and MLB record 20 wins in a row. OK, they didn’t win the whole thing, but the Phils have the pitchers to do it, and now they have non-superstars filling voids that are going to go 100% every time they are out on the diamond.

So while a lot of baseball experts see the Phillies being in trouble this year with no right side of the infield and an inexperienced outfielder…I see a winning formula that has shades of 2008 written all over it. I see, the Phillies “Phinally” getting the title once again.

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