Jets continue to not get it; Tebow disappoints

Posted: March 22, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports

By: Vin D’Anton

…And the Mad House continue’s to get madder. Just when you thought the Jets would have woken up after a disappointing season, they do it to you again.

All these years, I never understood why Jets fans complained so much, but I think this has opened my eyes. The New York Jets just don’t get it; and on top of that, Tim Tebow is full of it once again.

First Tebow, and very quickly; as stated before on this blog, Tebow isn’t as religious as he promotes himself to be. Whether it be publicizing the good work he does to prove something, or the fact that he worships false idols…who happens to be himself.

Earlier this year, when asked about Broncos fans putting Jesus on the back of #15 Broncos jerseys, he says he had one of his own. A reporter than asked Tebow; “Isn’t that worshiping a false idol?” To which the Holy Roller replied; “Haha, no comment.”

Tebow said this week he would love to play in Florida again…and in Florida is his hometown of Jacksonville. What is in Jacksonville? Well, bELIeve it or not, there is still a professional football franchise…the Jaguars.

When Tebow was traded to the Jets (the first time), the trade was snubbed. Then when Tim had a choice between the Jags and the Jets, he chooses New York.

All that proved is that this guy is about marketing the brand. Tebowing, jersey’s, and oh yes, the Tebow lunatics chanting his name when the starting quarterback does bad so the media talks about him every waking moment.

Now, good for him for expanding the brand and making money, but it seems he is focusing on that.

More focused on the “brand” and selling the product more than any team in the National Football League are the Jets. This move doesn’t make sense.

OK fine, from a money standpoint, you can argue it does. People, including the Three Kings of Orient Are will come from all over the country to see his holiness grace that thing they call a stadium in the Meadowlands. Jerseys and all kinds of merchandising will sell as well. (Ironically, they kick backed 2.5 million to get him.)

The thing that is important here is the football decision. How does this make sense?! The Wildcat is going to take the Jets to the Super Bowl? NO! NO! NO!

Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie is the only one who had the audacity to speak the truth on this mess. Here is what he said on his twitter:

Y bring Tebow in when we need to bring in more Weapons for@Mark_Sanchez let’s build the team around him. We already signed to 3 year ext.

Perfectly said. No need for me to add.

The Jets have more brains on the field than the Front Office. This starts at the top with Owner Woody Johnson.

All the spotlight has been on the New York Giants, and deservedly so…they won the Super Bowl! Something that the Jets can only talk about, and when the Giants won that Super Bowl, it killed every person in the organization and fans to the core. It eats at them day after day, night after night.

Johnson, GM Mike Tannenbaum, and head coach Rex Ryan were desperate and needed to gain some publicity back from the G-Men. WFAN’s Mike Francesa called them Stooges…and that is exactly what they are. Just look at this video of Rex.

Oh, just wait till a Week 5 debacle against the Buffalo Bills when Fireman Ed and the gang are screaming for Tim Tebow…a guy who can’t throw and has a limited playbook. Brutal.

  1. Peg says:

    Maybe if we all atop obsessing about this it will go away! Don’t feed the animals!

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