Roger Goodell has gotten it right

Posted: March 21, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports

By: Vin D’Anton

Well, it took nearly six years, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has finally done something right.

Sean Payton: Suspended a whole season without pay. GM Mickey Loomis: Suspended half the season. Gregg Williams: Suspended indefinitely. Loss of second round picks in 2012 and 2013.  Player punishments still to come.

Bravo commish!

You already know how I feel about Williams, but I have to give him credit for admitting to it. Payton (along with Loomis) on the other hand tried to hide it…and to me that deserves a harsher punishment and Goodell did just that.

There is much more non-ethical stuff going on with Sean Payton, including a guy named Ornstein that Payton mentions in his book.

Meet Michael Ornstein: a former NFL executive in charge of marketing. He was until he attempted to defraud $350,000 dollars from the League. Ornstein found a way to submit fake invoices to Los Angeles based manufacturers, pocketing the money and never providing the NFL with the merchandise they were led to believe they had purchased themselves.

After pleading guilty to mail fraud, he served four months in home confinement, five years of probation, and paid the NFL $160,000 in restitution.

Ornstein would strike again.

A decade later, he was the marketing agent for Reggie Bush when he turned pro…he was drafted by the Saints. Ornstein had been a central figure in providing Bush with improper benefits while playing at USC (shocker).

Yahoo! reported that Ornstein had paid for airfare, limousine services and luxury hotel rooms for Bush’s family, as well as a weekly allowance of at least $1,500.

Catching on yet?

Even after all this non-sense, Ornstein was allowed to follow Bush to New Orleans.

Here is where Payton comes in. He allowed Ornstein to be at practices, locker rooms and games wearing Saints gear so he would look like he belonged. Then, during Super Bowl week, Ornstein was the Saints’ Al Neri.

Ornstein (left) at a Saints practice

The Times-Picayune reported:

Payton devoted a chapter in his recent book about how valuable an asset Ornstein was to the team during its Super Bowl championship season. Ornstein was a point man for the Saints during their trip to Miami for the Super Bowl, arranging everything from daily gifts for players and their wives to strategically placed Saints billboards throughout the city. Ornstein also helps Payton with business arrangements outside of football, including the book deal and a movie script that Payton was working on last year.

Ornstein (next to Payton) was a close confidant of the Saints

During the 2009 Super Bowl season is when Ornstein offered ten grand to the bounty pot to injure a QB. The investigators of the bounty case say Payton would exchange e-mails with Ornstein about the bounty pool and other things.

Ornstein was even in more trouble the next year. He went to jail for being involved selling trading cards with pieces of NFL jerseys, and Ornstein himself obtained fake “certificates of authenticity” to claim the jerseys were game-worn.

The second thing was scalping Super Bowl tickets purchased from NFL players and others who received them from their employer. To cover up the tracks, Ornstein had the nerve to create fake forms stating the tickets were going to charity…charity.

I’ll say it…guys a scumbag.

Should Goodell trust a guy like Payton? He reportedly lied to Goodell about Ornstein and the bounty. How do you fix an arrogant liar? Give him the worst possible punishment.

You take away his job, money and reputation and he has no choice but to learn.

Some want to say that this is like spy gate so the punishment should be like what the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick received. Each received huge fines and loss of draft picks.

That involved something totally different. This time, it’s about the welfare of players and a criminal.

The attitude’s of Saints players were disgusting at times. In a Monday Night win over the Giants, New York’s Hakeem Nicks was hit by a Saints defensive back. He looks at the injured Nicks and starts to dance and cheer.

Fast forward to the fourth quarter, Giants safety Kenny Phillips illegally hit tight end Jimmy Graham and the tight end lay on the ground injured. Phillips (who went to the same school as Graham) tried to help him up and see if he was OK. A Saints offensive lineman than came over and shoved Phillips out of the way and started a fight.

The Saints are a dirty, scummy team that deserves punishment to the full extent. Football is a barbaric sport, but football players are a fraternity of brothers…no one likes seeing anybody hurt. Instead knocking him out in a cheap way, man up and beat him.

Classless is what Sean Payton and these players are, and that doesn’t stand in the National Football League.


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