Did Peyton make the right choice?

Posted: March 20, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports

By: Vin D’Anton

Finally…the great Peyton Manning has chosen a new team; the Denver Broncos. Once again, the Colts lose a quarterback to the Broncos (of course I’m not fully serious with that statement).


It was established this weekend that the final three teams that remained in contention for Peyton’s services was Denver, the Titans and 49ers…all teams technically with quarterbacks/quarterbacks of the future.

In Denver, Peyton inherits a team that won a playoff game against the then defending AFC Champions Pittsburgh Steelers with a non-orthodox quarterback, but a pretty good defense with some young and old talent.

Let’s note that defensive coordinator Dennis Allen left to head coach division rival Raiders, but that defense should only improve under new defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio and defensive minded head coach John Fox.

One thing the Broncos have is a running game. Denver has two running backs: One, a power type running back who is thirty years old with chronic knee problems but coming off a Pro Bowl season in Willis McGahee; and two, a 2009 first round pick who is shifty but is coming off a torn ACL in Knowshon Moreno.

The two, especially Knowshon, should thrive and improve with Peyton Manning.

Besides the young receivers, the Broncos have a young offensive coordinator in Mike McCoy who knows how to be flexible with offenses…just ask Tim Tebow.

Peyton and McCoy are only four years apart in age and both are modern offensive minded, and the two should be amazing NFL audiences around the country come September.  So the Broncos seem like an ideal choice.

But, what about the 49ers? They were just in the NFC Championship last year and had the number three overall defense in the league, who by the way is young and getting better.

San Francisco signed Super Bowl XLVI hero Mario Manningham and future Hall of Famer Randy Moss this offseason. Add in Vernon Davis, Frank Gore and up and comer Kendall Hunter and you have great talent on paper.

Word was that Peyton didn’t want to deal with the pressure of a Super Bowl or bust team and he also didn’t want to be in the same conference as his brother Eli.

It was said on NFL Network this week that Peyton’s dream is to play against Eli in a Super Bowl.

I’m calling a bluff.

Peyton did not want to play in Jim Harbaugh’s offense; it wouldn’t have fit Peyton. With the arrogant Harbaugh, it’s his way or the highway and there was no way the two men would have worked well together.

Kurt Warner put it best when he said he would have chose the AFC as well because the NFC is stacked for the next five plus years. It will be easier to make it to the Super Bowl in the AFC.

Think about it; with that defense, would the Patriots be a number one seed the past two years if they were in the NFC?

Now with Tennessee, sure his wife is from there and he went to college there, but him not signing there proved he didn’t want to make this a revenge thing.

If Peyton signed with the Titans, ESPN and NFL Network would have made Colts vs. Titans “Revenge Bowl” every time the teams met. Peyton did not want that. There is a respect and love between Peyton and Indianapolis that will never die.

Plus, if Peyton missed a game or two or was doing terribly, the fans would be screaming for Jake Locker.

Sure, you can say the same thing about Tebow, but that will not happen because the fact that John Elway wanted Peyton this bad after a playoff year means Tebow is gone. (Dolphins? Jaguars?)

Until Peyton Manning puts the shoulder pads on and takes the field in September 2012, everyone will be questioning his decision…whether it is team choice, or playing after four neck surgeries.

When a reporter asked John Elway what’s Plan B, he laughed and shouted; “Plan B!? I don’t have a Plan B. We’re goin’ with Plan A!” Oh, the media can’t wait to play that back.

The 2012 season is off to an exciting start.


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