Review – Mass Effect 3: Going out with a bang

Posted: March 12, 2012 by vindanton in Video Games

By: Jason Green

In 2005, Toronto based video game developer Bioware announced they were making a new video game trilogy that would rival the likes of Star Trek and Star Wars. The name of this was called Mass Effect. It was the first time a game company announced it was making a full trilogy, instead of the usual routine of making a sequel based on the success of the previous game.

Well seven years later, their plan was a huge success.

Mass Effect 3 was released Tuesday March 6, 2012 and sold over 890,000 copies in its first day on the market making it a huge success in a short amount of time. The game was met with rave reviews, from both critics and users alike, on sites like IGN, Metacritic, and Gamespot. Though both previous Mass Effect games have been critically acclaimed, Mass Effect 3 is expected to out-sell both games combined.

The Mass Effect saga follows the story of Commander Shepard and his struggle to save the Milky Way Galaxy from the malevolent forces of the Geth, Collectors, and ultimately the Reapers.

In the first game, Shepard uncovers an ancient secret that every 50,000 years a race of sentient machines known as the Reapers come and wipe out all life in the galaxy. In the second game, Shepard tries to stop another evil force known as the Collectors while trying to convince his peers and superiors that the Reapers actually exist and aren’t just a myth. Then finally in the climax, the Reapers invade Earth and the rest of the galaxy and it’s up the Shepard and his companions to gather forces to stop the Reapers.

All three of the games are RPGs (role playing games), meaning you can tailor your characters appearance to your liking and make decisions that will lead to different outcomes. That’s what makes these games amazing; the decisions.

All the decisions you make in Mass Effect 1 carries over to 2, than the decisions from 1 and 2 carry over to 3 leaving somewhere around 1,000 different variables that Mass Effect 3 can have. That’s an incomprehensible amount of ways the game can turn out thus making it one of the biggest and most ambitious games ever.

Personally, I am having the time of my life with this game.

The suspense, action, and sheer emotion of the game all come together for a perfect experience. Though I am only half way through the game, I am itching to know how it concludes which I’m sure won’t be disappointing.

So whether I am fighting the enemy, flying around the galaxy, or simply talking to one of the numerous characters, Mass Effect 3 sucks you into its world and I definitely won’t be leaving anytime soon.

  1. Megan says:

    It’s nice to hear a good review! Have you played it with the Kinect at all? I’m thinking of picking it up but I’d much rather use my controller than the Kinect to play.

  2. Jason says:

    I would but I don’t have an xbox, I’m playing it for PS3. I agree though using a controller is probably the best way to go 🙂

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