The New York Jets should be ashamed of themselves

Posted: March 9, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports

By: Vin D’Anton

There are so many things that I can put up with as an avid sports fan, but this, I cannot.

Mark Sanchez

Last year at this time, the excitement from Jets land was about finally reaching the Super Bowl in the upcoming season after being at the doorstep of America’s biggest game the past two years. Jet nation couldn’t wait to see what Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets had in store for 2011.

One year later, another New York team and quarterback is Super Bowl Champions…the New York Giants and Super Bowl XLII and XLVI MVP Eli Manning.  (Anyone notice Rex Ryan not make a guarantee at the combine this year?)

The New York Giants had a problem a couple of years ago. Midway through the 2007 season, people wanted Eli out of New York. Less than three months later, Manning was hoisting the Lombardi trophy on that beautiful Glendale night in early February. Since then, Eli has taken off.

Now, we have a chance to see Eli’s brother Peyton come to the Big Apple and play for the Jets…that is the dumbest possible thing this franchise could do.

Sanchez was drafted by the Jets fifth overall (after trading up) in 2009 and Sanchez’s college coach Pete Carroll said Mark was NOT ready for the NFL. Fast forward to January 2010…Sanchez loses, in a great effort, to Peyton and the Colts in the AFC Championship.

Listening to Boomer and Carton on WFAN in New York the other day, Craig Carton bought up a point that people tend to forget:

January 2011: After Manning failed to score a touchdown to give the Colts a comfortable lead in the AFC Wild Card game, Mark Sanchez had :53 seconds to win the game down 16-14. With :29 seconds left, Sanchez threw up a beautiful pass to Braylon Edwards that put the Jets in position for the Nick Folk game winner that we all remember.

To me though, the most eye opening part of that game (which Carton did not mention) was that on the previous Jets possession before the Colts took the lead, Sanchez had Edwards wide open on the same exact play and missed. Instead of giving up and calling it a day, Sanchez manned up and made the throw the second time, showing composure as a young QB.

The Jets should look at what the Giants did with Eli. The younger Manning never had competition bought in nor was there talk about bringing someone else in. They told him it was his team. Manning in his first two full seasons as the Giants starter was a combined 19-13 and 0-2 in the playoffs. Next season, Super Bowl.

Even the Colts always told Peyton from day one that he was the franchise and that the team was going to be built around him and look where that organization is now.

The New York Jets should be ashamed of themselves that they are doing this to a quarterback that has dedicated himself to this franchise and says all the right things. He takes responsibility for his mistakes and NEVER throws a teammate under the bus unlike guys on the team that are so- called “captains.”

Some say that Mark is a little IMMATURE and gets upset easily…so what! He is only a kid and he is New York. He is allowed to be.

This all goes back to the top, from the snobby immature owner Woody Johnson, Rex’s puppet Mike Tannenbaum (who is a good GM, but needs to settle down with the things he says) and of course, all this mess is mainly because of head coach Rex Ryan.

Ryan, from the beginning, was never patient with this organization. He guaranteed a Super Bowl his first season when they were trying to rebuild. He hasn’t given his team a chance to grow because he pulls out all the stops every season.

Mike Tannenbaum likes to use the word “process,” well, teach Rex that word so Sanchez can mature as a player. To me, the process has been rushed.

Mark Sanchez in my opinion is perfect for the Jets on and off the field. He has to shut the media out, but at the same time, it is unfair to the guy. The Jets are acting disgraceful as usual.

All this Peyton Manning nonsense and rushing of Mark Sanchez’s development is a reason why the Jets under Rex Ryan may never win a Super Bowl.

  1. Glenn says:

    Nice post. Couple points (IMO)

    1. I agree with you that Rex Ryan’s statements that they were going to win the SB in Mark’s first or second year—maybe both—when he only started 16 college games, were too much. You do not say your going to win the SB as a rookie head coach and a young QB.

    2. Also do not forget, didn’t Ryan throw his QB under the bus this past year after Mark called a TO that allowed Brady to get the ball back and score? If you do that, do it behind closed doors…

    But then again…behind closed doors is never the Rex Ryan Jet way. This year is a telling year for both Rex and Mark. Bad year and both COULD be gone.

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