One of the saddest days in the history of the NFL

Posted: March 7, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports

While it doesn’t make sense to the fans, it does to the Colts 

By Vin D’Anton

In the past 20 years of sports, when you hear Chicago Bulls, you think Michael Jordan. When you hear New York Yankees, you think Derek Jeter. And, when you hear Indianapolis Colts, you think Peyton Manning.

Well, no more. Manning has officially been released by the Colts and a beyond emotional joint news conference was held with Owner Jim Irsay and Manning. Watching it, you can’t believe what you are seeing.

Photo by: Brian Spurlock - US Presswire

Give Irsay credit (who honestly seemed more upset), he spoke with sense, heart and truth because the Colts needed to move on. He put it the best when he said how they grew up in the franchise together. Irsay a young and naïve 37-year-old owner whom some thought couldn’t be a good owner; and the 22-year-old Manning who struggled his rookie year, but was motivated and ready to be the best.

A Super Bowl, a new stadium and fourteen years later, they have grown up to exceed expectations more than anybody could have imagined.

“…Nothing lasts forever,” is what Peyton said in the beginning of his farewell speech to Indy, a city in which he turned from a basketball to a football town. As soon as Manning took to the podium, from the first word, you heard the “hold back the tears” voice and any diehard NFL fan was emotional…I know I was.

It is simple as this…without Peyton Manning, the Colts may not be around, Lucas Oil Stadium is never built, quarterbacks don’t audible the way they do, and this may not be a quarterback league today.

You know what, without Peyton Manning, this would NOT be a quarterback league today. It wouldn’t be as important because Peyton is the standard of what you want your leader to be; building your team around him and telling them HE is the guy, and that’s what Irsay did.

Certain teams around the league can learn from the Colts (cough, Jets, cough).

In the 61 years before Peyton was drafted first overall in the 1998 NFL Draft, 18 quarterbacks were taken first overall. Since ’98, ten…well eleven because Indy will take Andrew Luck next month.

Unfortunately, the Colts have made the right decision. What would have been a bad move by them would have been trading him…but now he can go where he wants.

Ok sure, he did deserve the $28 million for all he has done for the Colts but they realize that if you are going to rebuild, you have to let go of your team. Let’s face it, after this past season, it’s proven fact that he was the TEAM.

While I and my fellow NFL fans will not be able to fathom seeing Peyton Manning in another uniform, we have to. It doesn’t make sense today that he isn’t a Colt, and it never will…but “Nothing lasts forever.”

Peyton thanked Indianapolis for letting him be their quarterback…Peyton, NFL fans thank you for being the Colts quarterback.




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