The proper punishment for the Saints

Posted: March 3, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports

By: Vin D’Anton


Drew Brees

Roger Goodell knows how to dish out punishment…well sometimes, but this time he has to go above and beyond. The New Orleans Saints have been caught “bountying” and no one is happy about it.

A lot of people in the NFL world are saying how bounties aren’t anything new, but what does that matter? A lot of people download free music. A lot of people smoke weed. Does everybody get caught and charged? NO! There is always someone who gets made an example of, and why not a team led defensively by Gregg Williams.

Williams is an arrogant know-it-all whose defenses are very overrated, especially his Saints defenses. We saw how bad they were in their past two playoff loses. Also, the fact that General Manager Mickey Loomis and another arrogant person in Head Coach Sean Payton knew…goes way beyond normal punishment.

When the New England Patriots were caught cheating (which everyone else also does supposedly), they received fines and loss of draft picks, but this Saints situation is different.

As we all know, free agency is approaching and franchise tags are being handed out every minute, and Drew Brees was tagged today by the Saints; but Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio had perhaps the best punishment for the Saints. Take away the right to use the franchise tag.

This really should be the ultimate price they have to pay. If they can’t pay Brees now, how will they pay him next year if he gets better? Will they franchise him again? So take away next years if you have too.

Payton and Loomis need to pay somehow because they knew about it, and that is beyond NFL morals when you are endangering the welfare of a professional athlete. Fine, they make millions of dollars and they are crybabies, but rules are rules.

Sure, you can take away draft picks, but their first round draft pick doesn’t even belong to them this year, it belongs to New England (ha.).

Why Goodell should really be angry is because this just puts another black eye on a league in which had a lockout this summer. If you want to do anything right as Commissioner Mr. Goodell, give a punishment to the full extent. Instances like this have to come to an end.

Williams reportedly did this with other teams…ban him.



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