RJ’s Super Bowl XLVI Pick

Posted: February 5, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports

Super Bowl XLVI: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots: Sunday 6:29 NBC 

By: RJ D’Anton

Giants vs. Patriots Belichick, Brady, and Kraft are the faces of this New England franchise. Is Brady going to be in the talk as the best quarterback of all-time and is Belichick going to be the in the talk for the best coach of all-time? This one game can put them both on the top and be called the best at what they do. But on the other side is this quiet humble quarterback who probably has no idea how big this game is for Brady and Belichick because Eli just does his thing and doesn’t care about who he’s playing or where he’s playing, he just wants to compete and win football games. I think the Giants are better on paper and I think it will show on Sunday. The G-Men will run the football well, don’t look for big numbers by Eli, but he will do just enough to win. I think it’s a close one because Brady and Belichick will never get embarrassed and lose by more than a touchdown. So I’m going with Giants 26 Patriots 20 in OVERTIME!  Pick: Giants


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