Super Bowl XLVI Picks

Posted: February 4, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports

Super Bowl XLVI: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots: Sunday 6:29 NBC


Vin D’Anton: I refuse to pick this game


Shaun Smith: I’m not one to get excited for Super Bowl rematches but if there was any duplicate game to have it may as well be the Giants vs. Patriots. NY is the hot team right now while New England is banged up with Gronkowski going down. I expect Big Rob to play by Sunday but the question is whether or not he can be effective during the game. It’s possible he could recreate Terrell Owens’ Super Bowl appearance with over 100 yards receiving after being injured. Here’s the big mismatch for this game: the NY Defense. If this game becomes dependent on defense, the Giants will easily win. Tom Brady is great but if he only has 3 seconds in the pocket and no open receivers, even the Golden Boy can’t be effective. I’m not going to lie, I’m rooting for New England but my head is telling me to pick the Giants. The last thing I want to see is ESPN doing Manning vs. Manning comparisons if Eli wins his second Super Bowl. I guarantee if New England wins there will be less fan fair and coverage, which would be nice for a chance. It’s not out of the question that an offensive-minded team wins the Big One, Indy and New Orleans did it with mediocre defenses so it’s possible. My real pick is the Giants to win but just because I don’t want to be rooting for a specific team to win, I’m picking New England. I know I’m being somewhat wishy-washy but I hope Brady wins. Pick: Patriots


Brandon Tuzio: Well it looks like I can no longer ignore the fact that this is actually happening. I think we’ll see a lot of Brady-Welker connections and possibly some spark from Branch. Whether or not Gronk is 100 percent, Hernandez is the tight end that can be tricky this game. If the Pats get behind early, they won’t be running the ball too much until regaining the lead, so they’ll have to get that going early, if at all. The big question is how to cover the Giants receivers in the most effective way, and I’m sure Belichick has something up his sleeves. Eli needs to be great, and I bELIeve Bradshaw and Jacobs need to be very productive. The key for the Giants is to absolutely not turn over the ball. Ultimately, this Super Bowl is about storylines, and pick your poison because they are all pretty compelling. Both of these teams would be deserved winners in their own way, and I think this game is going to be top notch. Pick: Giants


Preston Kennedy: This is it. The final game of the season and it comes down to the New York and Boston rivalry. Brady vs. Manning. Does it get any better? We will see how everything pans out this time but if the Giants keep up with this Nascar pass rush how is Tom Brady going to stop it? Gronk is in question for the game still and he is the number one target so how do the Giants game plan around that? This game will be one for the ages but in the end I still stick with my philosophy of defense wins championships. With the Patriots offense being one of the best but the defense, who has been playing great, not up to the level as the Giants I have to go with who I truly think is going to win this one. Pick: Giants


Glenn Schulz: Finally! They strap on the pads and go play! Giants vs. Patriots. So many story lines. And, after two weeks of talking about them to nausea, all the questions will be answered. Is Eli elite? Answered. Rob Gronkowski’s health? Answered. Tom Brady rebounding? Answered. Who wins? Answered.

As important as I think it is for the Giants to get to Tom Brady, I think it is just as important, if not more important, for the Patriots to get to Eli Manning. We saw what Eli was able to do against a better defense while being rushed constantly. If either team does not get enough pressure on the opposing quarterback, it could be a very long night. Maybe I am over thinking this, but the fact that the Patriots are going to be relying on Julian Edelman to slow down Victor Cruz just seems to spell nightmare for the Patriots. But then again, maybe I will be totally wrong. It is almost as scary as the Giants having Aaron Ross covering Wes Welker or Deon Grant on Aaron Hernandez. And, even if Gronk is not 100% his presence alone means the Giants have to respect him. I see this becoming a shootout with Eli Manning and the Giants getting the better of Tom Brady and the Patriots. I see the Giants as your Super Bowl champions. Pick: Giants


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