RJ’s Conference Championship Picks

Posted: January 21, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports

Last week, within two hours, RJ got about 50 views. Don’t know what you people see in this, but he gets his own post again this week. Enjoy!

Vin D’Anton

By RJ D’Anton

Ravens @ Patriots: This game is probably the toughest game for me to choose during this postseason. I thought New England was going to be the sure pick I really did, but not until I was watching NFL Network on Friday morning and they were interviewing Terrell Suggs, and I saw fire in his eyes. I mean I was fucking scared, he looked angry and determined. I want to go with Ravens but I’m just a huge fan of Brady and a Belichick. So I’m going to stick with New England, I feel they will have a better game plan that’s it. Baltimore will be more physical so that’s why this game can go either way. But the Patriots win by 10, because the ball will bounce there way I feel. Pick: Patriots

Giants @ 49ers: Jim Harbaugh has the worst ego problem in NFL, seriously like be quiet and calm the fuck down it’s only your first year. Jim Harbaugh is going to lose the game for the 49ers because he is going to make cocky decisions and I can really see him doing something totally dumb. I think these teams matchup well, but watch out for a man named Brandon Jacobs, something tells me he is going to be an absolute beast! This game is going to end on game-winning field goal and my man LT (Lawrence Tynes) is going to kick it. Giants win by 3 in a hard-hitting defensive showdown. Eli Manning and Alex Smith will not even combine for 400 yards passing. And one more thing 49ers defense; hell of job this year, but your coach is still a jerkoff. Pick: Giants

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