RJ’s Picks

Posted: January 14, 2012 by vindanton in Uncategorized

By RJ D’Anton

Saints @ 49ers – Everyone this week is confusing me with picking the 49ers, I just don’t get it. The Saints have shown everyone what they can do offensively. Drew Brees and company will outscore the 49ers. Pick : Saints


Broncos @ Patriots –  Brady and Belichick have proven to us what a true definition of a champion really is. Tebow isn’t the reason why the Broncos are where they are, it the 11 guys on their defense that has been leading the way. I think the Patriots offense is a better than the Broncos defense so that’s why I’m going with my man Brady! Pick: Patriots


Texans @ Ravens –  This game is probably going be the most boring game of the weekend. Seriously who wants to watch this game I rather watch Golf no joke. I’ll probably be sleeping getting ready for New York @ Green Bay. I think both defenses are good and I think both teams proven to us they can run the football. It will be a close one, but I’m going to go with the home team. Pick : Ravens


Giants @ Packers – Here we go! This is what Football is all about baby. Two of the oldest Franchises going at it, you got to appreciate this game. I think the Giants are getting hot at the right time. Rodgers hasn’t played since Christmas night, could be a little rusty. I think the Giants are going to beat up Green Bay, Giants win by two touchdowns. Pick : Giants

  1. Anthony D'Anton says:

    I like Rj’s picks, but im going with the virgin, the broncos over patriots..

  2. Anthony D'Anton says:

    Upset baby !!!!!!

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