NHL: The Alternative for NFL Fans

Posted: January 10, 2012 by pken113 in Pro Sports

Now I understand this is not the most common debate amongst sports fans but I feel like this is something that needs to be talked about more. These two sports are more physical then any other and more demanding on the athletes’ bodies. As a fan of both the high flying action, speed, hard hits, and excitement is enough to keep me watching but for those who aren’t into football or hockey this is something that those people need to read.



The NHL has some of the smaller athletes of any of the 4 major sports in the United States, of course those being football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. These players come from all across the world to play this sport and earn less money then any other athlete. Not only do they have to obtain the skill to handle a 3inch wide by 1 inch thick puck with a edged stick but they have to do that on ice while avoiding other players trying to hit them off the puck. After all that they have to try and score by putting that puck into a 6×4 net which is guarded by a goalie. Those are just some of the basics with this sport. These players are going faster then any other athlete because of the ice factor. The fact that they are going faster results in some huge hits that most sports fans don’t appreciate. These players are getting hit into hard wooden boards or into glass, which doesn’t seem all too pleasant. There have been several injuries to major players this season, which have resulted in serious notions by the NHL. The star boy for the NHL Sidney Crosby has been out since January last season. He might a 12 game return to only be put out again because of concussion symptoms. Players like Claude Giroux, Chris Pronger, Jeff Skinner, Kris Letang, Marc Staal, Ryan Miller, and Mike Richards have all missed time this season or are out for the remainder of the season because of these injuries. Not only does all this happen but also if the players really want to settle the score the are allowed dropping the gloves and fighting unlike anything else in any other sport. Yes here in America hockey is not the biggest thing to go see but it is slowly rising up. The number for the deciding game 6 of the Stanley Cup had over 8.3 million viewers in the US alone. The sport is on the rise and in my opinion if you haven’t watched it before its time to jump on the bandwagon.



Now of course to the NFL. The most watch sport in America any day of the week. It truly is America’s sport, baseball has been put on the back burner and football has taken over this country. The size, speed, strength, and knowledge of the players and coaches is amazing. Only one day a week these players go out there and give it their all to win for the fans and for the organization. The strategy that goes into a single player is just amazing to think about. It really is going to war and every play is a battle inside that war to try and get to that end zone and put points up on the board.  The game has changed in the past 10 or 15 years going from defense and running to air the ball out. It seems that if the team doesn’t have a quarterback they don’t have a ring. Not taking anything away from marvels like Ray Lewis, Julius Peppers, Jared Allen, Demarcus Ware, and Brian Dawkins but it’s all about offense. Watch some of the hits in football and normal folks like us realize why we don’t play the game. These athletes are just amazing in how fast they can react to a play and go and hit whomever they need to hit to stop that play. With the lockout almost happening this past season I’m not sure what America would have done without football. This country thrives on the sport. Nothing will every over take football. 106 million people watched the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl last season. Think about that number, 106 million. Its crazy to think about but the country shuts down on that Sunday and people who don’t even follow the sport watch the game. That doesn’t happen in any other sport. Football will always be that first choice in most Americans heart.



When it comes down to it the NFL has more fans, more TV time, and more merchandise. Its hard to really compare the two sports because of how different they are but they really are similar. The hits, the intensity, the drive to win, all that makes these players ether go out on the field or take the ice every time and try to win not for them, but for us. If you don’t really follow hockey, take time sit down watch any two teams play and give it a chance because I guarantee you will be entertained. If you don’t follow football, which Im sure 85% of this country does, watch a game try and understand everything. So when it comes down to it watch more hockey, support your local team, and watch some football too.


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