The Perseverance of Syracuse Basketball

Posted: January 4, 2012 by vindanton in College Sports

By: Preston Kennedy

Who would have thought a team that has faced all the problems with the Bernie Fine allegations would be #1 in the nation now 4 weeks in a row. Syracuse led by Coach Jim Boeheim of 36 years right now has a 15-0 record going into conference play. Syracuse right now is ranked 13th in the nation in points per game with 80.7, 20th in assists with 16.8, and 15th in field goal percentage shooting 49% from the field.

The Orange have mainly dominated opponents with only having played 1 ranked team, #9 Florida, so far this season. The schedule ahead is not the type of road any coach would like to see with matchups against #20 Marquette,Villanova, and Pittsburgh in the next 2 weeks. With senior leaders Kris Joseph averaging 14 points per game, 5 rebounds, and 2 assists a game the team looks promising.

All the problems in the media with the Bernie Fine allegations had to have been very troublesome for the team but it seems like it has only brought them together more. They don’t seem to become frustrated on the court with each other and Coach Boeheim keeps the composure with his excellent coaching abilities.

With Boeheim’s masterful 2-3 zone defense it really makes the length of all the players he recruits pivotal in conducting the type of play he wants. The players who decide to try their hand in the NBA that have learned under Boeheim have been placed together with poor one on one defense and with reason. Not a lot of players have had great careers leaving Syracuse for the pros but there are always exceptions, mainly Carmelo Anthony. But under Coach Boeheim Syracuse has won a total of 869 games in counting along with a winning percentage of .743.

If the team keeps playing they way they have it doesn’t seem any team could take them down. Playing the Big East Conference is a real test for this team and after conference play all the dust will settle and Syracuse will still be #1 going into the NCAA tournament. Jim Boeheim is truly a legend when it comes to coaching in college basketball and he shows that every year when his Syracuse teams win 20 plus games and are always a contender with the experts. Watch out for this team when you are making your brackets come March.


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