NFL Power Rankings: Week 17

Posted: January 2, 2012 by vindanton in Pro Sports

By Vin D’Anton

1. Green Bay Packers (1): Did Matt Flynn just cause Rodgers to lose some MVP votes? Shouldn’t of, but who knows in this league. All I know is, the Packers offensive system works. Their defense this season has allowed the most passing yards in a single season, so expect them to control the ball more in the playoffs.

2. New Orleans Saints (2): They did a great job against that Carolina offense and Drew Brees is amazing, along with Jimmy Graham and others. Losing Mark Ingram won’t hurt, for they have a farm of running backs and Drew Brees. NFL Fans mouths are watering over a second round matchup against San Fran.

3. San Francisco 49ers (3): You knew the Rams were going to fight hard for Spags, but it didn’t matter. This team has the defense to make a run, question is do they have the quarterback? He gets better every week and you know he has point to prove with Rodgers.

4. New England Patriots (4): They did it again. The worst defense in the league and home field two seasons in a row. No one, and I repeat NO ONE is going to be scared of them. They haven’t won a playoff game since January 2008…let’s see what happens.

5. Baltimore Ravens (5): Needed that win big time. They avoided a problem in winning the division and taking it away from Pittsburgh. They were nervous. Flacco needs improvement. Ray Rice is a beast. Is Terrell Suggs the Defensive Player of the Year?

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (6): Love games at Cleveland with some snow…classic NFL. Dick LeBeau is licking his chops with a shot at Tebow on Sunday. Mendenhall is done, but hey, they are the Steelers…they know how to run an organization.

7. Atlanta Falcons (9): Should have put up more against the Yucs. They go to Snoopy Stadium to take on the inconsistent Giants…they definitely like their chances with all those weapons. Matty Ice and Mike Smith are due for their first playoff win.

8. Detroit Lions (7): Where the heck was the defense? They might of just helped Matt Flynn cash in on a nice contract somewhere else! They do have an offense though, and they also played well at the Saints last time. Take away their typical dumb penalties and add Suh, they might win. Can’t wait for that rematch.

9. Houston Texans (8): Will they play Delhomme? Why didn’t they suit up Garcia? Can’t believe Yates is hurt now too, they have rotten luck, but a home playoff game against a team they beat. With Wade’s defense, they can win a game or two.

10. Cincinnati Bengals (10): Its tough to beat the Ravens, and they nearly did for the second time. They are tough scrappy kids and they are happy that they get a rematch with Houston when it matters. If they play their game, Marvin Lewis will finally get a playoff win.

11. New York Giants (14): bELIeve. G-Men nation shouldn’t start thinking 2007, because they are far from that, but I said that if they get healthy for the stretch run, they could make the playoffs. Nobody had them winning the NFC East either. Eli and Coughlin are trying to get their first home playoff win…problem is, it’s at home.

12. Tennessee Titans (16): Good season when they were expected to do nothing with a coach nobody ever heard of. Common opponents lost them the playoffs, and that is a shame because they were the only team out of those five that won. Locker should be the starter next season though.

13. Denver Broncos (11): Tebow who? Fine, if they actually called that facemask they could have scored, but the muffed punt set that up. Maybe they needed this before the playoffs and they are home. Going to be fun to watch Sunday.

14. Oakland Raiders (12): Watch the Hue Jacksons press conference.

15. Philadelphia Eagles (18): Told you, haha, they won out and Reid is safe. Did Juan Castillo make his case? I think so. They need time to gel. With a successful training camp this summer, they will be the hunters in the NFC next year.

16. Dallas Cowboys (13): Romo looked fine to me except two passes. Maybe they didn’t have enough time to learn Rob Ryan’s defense with the lockout? Who knows, he is just as bad as his brother. Jerry is not happy, but I think Jason Garrett has a bright future as a coach in this league.

17. San Diego Chargers (21): They fought for Norv and he should keep his job. If Philip Rivers wants him to stay, they have to keep him. They have too much to talent to miss the playoffs two years in a row. Let the circus begin!

18. Arizona Cardinals (19): After starting 1-6, and losing heartbreakers, they finish 8-8. Fantastic coaching job by Ken Whisenhunt. With a healthy Kolb, they can be good. With a solid draft and off season, they can be something for the next couple of years.

19. New York Jets (15): Is was a “same old Jets” type of finish for Sexy Rexy’s bunch, and listening to him after the game shows that he just doesn’t get it. If he is as good as we think he is, he will more motivated then ever for 2012…maybe this is exactly what they needed.

20. Seattle Seahawks (17): They were awesome in the second half as well. The 49ers might have their work cut out for them if they and the Cards carry this to next year. Tavaris Jackson will probably be back, but they honestly need a better quarterback to get to where they want to go.

21. Kansas City Chefs (22): With Scott Pioli running things, Romeo might have the job locked up. The man knows defense. If Cassel and Charles comeback healthy, maybe they have something. Big offseason ahead.

22. Miami Dolphins (23): Todd Bowles made a statement to keep his job and it is a sin he won’t get it. They have played great football down the stretch and it’ll be an interesting offseason. Let’s see how much Steve Ross screws it up.

23. Chicago Bears (24): Good for Lovie and the boys to finish with a win, they needed it. Hopefully Urlacher’s injury isn’t bad. If they are healthy next year, they will be back to what they were earlier this season.

24. Carolina Panthers (20): Defesne still stinks, but with Jon Beason back next year and hopefully a good offseason, they can be good. Cam has them excited. They better lock up Rob Chudzinski (Offensive Coordinator) for the next year or two.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (27): Nice win for Mel Tucker who won’t get the job. Maurice Jones-Drew is a beats…congrats to him on the rushing title. Here comes the biggest offseason in franchise history.

26. Buffalo Bills (25): 49 unanswered points? Com’ on man! They hired Dave Wannstedt to be their Defensive Coordinator for next season…bet you a million dollars he is the interim coach at some point next season. Stevie Johnson needs to grow up.

27. Washington Redskins (26): The Eagles were too hot, and they are not. Here comes a new quarterback. They might be the ones who trade up for Luck or even RG3.

28. Cleveland Browns (28): They fight tough. Pat Shurmur is not a bad coach…yet. Time for Mike Holmgren to step up this offseason. The three other AFC North teams are in the playoffs…bad sign for the future of this team.

29. Minnesota Vikings (29): Number one priority this offseason: Make sure Adrian Peterson gets healthy. Leslie Frazier is safe (for now). They as well have three playoff, or playoff type teams, in their division. They got their work cut out for them.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (30): 10 in a row. BAD. They do have some talent though, especially the quarterback. Raheem is gone. So first thing on the to-do list is find a coach.

31. Indianapolis Colts (31): Fought tough, and might have kept Jim Caldwell his job. Bill Polian and son are canned…right move to make. You know your GM did a bad job when they lose one player and they win two games. Jim Irsay is a good owner.

32. St. Louis Rams (32): They fought for Spags, but it wasn’t enough. They shouldn’t have fired him because you can be set back for a couple of years now. Let’s see what the new owner is made of.


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