NFL Power Rankings: Week 16

Posted: December 29, 2011 by vindanton in Pro Sports

By Vin D’Anton

1. Green Bay Packers (1): Hell of Christmas gift for Packer fans last Sunday Night. With home field wrapped up and some guys banged up, it’ll be interesting to see if they rest Rodgers and others this week. Defense will have essentially three weeks off to tighten up any loose ends. Rodgers is MVP because he actually does good on the road.

2. New Orleans Saints (2): Congratulations Drew Brees, even though it is easier to do now. He would probably have 60 TD’s and 5,600 yards if they played every game at home. They need to hope the Rams pull of an impossible upset for them to have a chance at a bye. Oh, and Gregg Williams…you should shut up.

3. San Francisco 49ers (3): That was a really good win in a difficult place to play. That defense is awesome and they won the game for them. David Akers is also amazing. People are really starting to pay attention, hence why they led the NFC in Pro Bowlers with eight. Navarro Bowman should be in over Briggs or even Clay Matthews. They wrap up the two seed with a joke against the Rams Sunday.

4. New England Patriots (4): Nice comeback at home, but shocked that you let a warm weather team do that to you at home. With the defense being that bad, it truly is amazing how they can lock up home field for the second straight year with a win against Buffalo Sunday; that all starts with coaching.

5. Baltimore Ravens (5): They’re another one…top teams that only win or do good at home. That is why they have their biggest road game of the year this Sunday. Beat the Bengals and you can not only clinch the division and second seed, but maybe knock out a tough divisional opponent. Let’s see what they really got.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (7): Did what they should…demolish a bad team. Win and have New England and Baltimore lose, you clinch home field. They are at Cleveland so they should expect a fight. Big Ben’s health is huge issue.

7. Detroit Lions (9): Fantastic job against a scary Chargers team…those fans got what they deserved. They are in the playoffs for the first time since 1999. Special congrats to Dominic Raiola, Jeff Backus, and of course Jason Hanson who have been there for their whole careers. Let’s see where they wind up being seeded this weekend.

8. Houston Texans (6): Are you kidding me? Wade Phillips might as well be MVP of the league. You can’t lose that game. There is a good chance that they don’t make it out of the Wild Card round. Have to cut them slack though…we can only imagine how great they would be if Schaub, Mario and Andre were healthy. Oh, I think another flag was just thrown on J.J. Watt. Refs are terrible.

9. Atlanta Falcons (8): A lot of (should have not been called) penalties and bad mistakes cost them a shot at making that a game Monday Night. Mike Smith and Matty Ice have been there for four years now, and this is their third playoff berth. They have made Michael Vick and Bobby Petrino afterthoughts. Congrats.

10. Cincinnati Bengals (13): Humongous game at Paul Brown Stadium, hopefully their fans actually show up. If they win, they’re in, it is that simple…but it’s the Ravens. If they do pull it off, Marvin Lewis deserves Coach of the Year votes. If the defense does what it normally does and the offense can hold their own, they could do it.

11. Denver Broncos (10): Guess God was too busy preparing for Jesus’ birthday party and forgot the Broncos were playing…but maybe Tebow needed this. I think this only helps him and his team. He had a back to Earth game and expect him to be pumped up against Orton and the Chefs (yes, I said Chefs).

12. Oakland Raiders (15): Da Raiiiddaazzzzzz! Both scenarios involving them getting into the playoffs involve help…but one thing they can control is their game. Beat San Diego again. That was a good win in a tough place to play (just ask the Packers). Let’s see if they can carry that momentum into this Sunday. Richard Seymour blocked two field goals…wow.

13. Dallas Cowboys (12): Romo’s hand. Romo’s hand. Romo’s hand. That’s the buzz all week. One thing that slipped under the rug is the possibility at a Wild Card that they would have had if they beat Philly. But, doesn’t matter; Sunday at 8:20pm in East Rutherford matters now.

14. New York Giants (17): Defense showed up big time against the Jets. Victor Cruz deserves a lot of thanks as well. You sensed motivation from them, which lacked against Washington. They need to carry that over to this Sunday Night against Dallas. A lot of jobs are on the line; let’s see who shows up. They don’t play well at home.

15. New York Jets (11): They had so many chances to come back and win that game. They were given gift after gift on Christmas Eve and stunk it up. Talk is cheap is Rex. But, having said all this, they win and three teams lose games that they can easily lose, they get in. Unbelievable. This talk about getting rid of Sanchez needs to stop.

16. Tennessee Titans (20): Apologies to Matt Hasselbeck with whom they are still alive with. With a win and some help, they are in. The Texans do not want to face them in the Wild Card round, so expect their best shot as they try to eliminate them.

17. Seattle Seahawks (14): Man this team fights. Teams are lucky they are not making the playoffs. That defense improved a lot (after the Aaron Curry trade, haha). You have to hope they take this play into next season, because they can shake things up. Tavaris Jackson may be safe.

18. Philadelphia Eagles (19): You beat a Cowboy team that didn’t care, so sorry Eagles fans, Fat Boy is safe. They still need discipline with Vick proclaiming they are the best after the game. They will be extremely dangerous next season, especially if the rumor stays true that Steve Spagnuolo is going to be their defensive coordinator.

19. Arizona Cardinals (18): Good season considering all the heartbreakers they had early on. Early Doucet doesn’t fall down, who knows how that game ends. Now that the John Skelton hoopla is over, it’s time to prepare for Kevin Kolb and next season.

20. Carolina Panthers (24): Cam! Woe Cam! What a season he has had. If I were to tell you that he would break a record held by Peyton Manning going into this season, you would have called me stupid. Looks like things are on their way up in Carolina.

21. San Diego Chargers (16): And just like that, Norv is probably done. Philip Rivers didn’t help him out though. This team should have eleven or more wins every year. They got destroyed by the young Lions on Saturday. A.J. Smith shouldn’t be fired though, because they have the talent.

22. Kansas City Chiefs (21): Richard Seymour just blocked another field goal. Are you kidding me? They could have easily won that game and with Denver and San Diego losing, they could have had a win an in game against Tebow at “The Holy Land” Sunday. Brutal. They will try their best to give Tebow problems, and it also looks like Romeo Crennel might get the job.

23. Miami Dolphins (23): These guys play tough and Todd Bowles has done a good job, but he’ll be gone. We are seeing how good they can be though. Again, is Matt Moore the future? I think it is a legitimate question at this point.

24. Chicago Bears (22): No Cutler, no Forte, no winning. I don’t know if it was Mike Martz, Lovie, or Jerry Angelo who were stubborn enough to not go after McNabb or Favre, but they look foolish. What a waste of a talented team. They should be back to form next year. Josh McCown wasn’t bad by the way.

25. Buffalo Bills (26): Did they give us a blueprint for Tebow? We’ll see. They showed a glimpse of what they were earlier this season. Imagine if they kept that up all year? You have to be sick if you’re a Bills fan. One thing that has been a positive is the showing up of C.J. Spiller.

26. Washington Redskins (25): That is why this team is annoying. You beat the daylight out of the Giants, and then you lose to the Vikings. Rex is too inconsistent. The Shanahan’s need to groom one of their own this offseason.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars (27): They continue to fight for Mel Tucker, but he’s gone too. They probably will hire a cheap coach though. It will be a Raheem Morris situation for them. For the last game of the season, let’s see “Sunshine” Gabbert air it out.

28. Cleveland Browns (28): Another team that fights. Seneca Wallace is a heck of an athlete and that D’Qwell Jackson led defense is not too bad. There was a Peyton Hillis sighting too. Let’s see how they fight against Pittsburgh. They almost beat them at “The Big Ketchup Bottle” last time around.

29. Minnesota Vikings (30): With victory comes the worst defeat. Football fans (and Vikes fans of course) should pray the Adrian Peterson is going to recover well. Is Leslie Frazier safe? Most likely.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (29): Bad. Cam went nuts on them. This team use to stand for defense. Josh Freeman still has it, just needs a new system. Raheem is probably gone.

31. Indianapolis Colts (31): Dan Orlovsky had no wins coming in to this season…he now has two in a row. Reggie Wayne might have ended his Colts career beautifully with that game winner. Is Jim Caldwell safe? Do they suck for Luck this week?

32. St. Louis Rams (32): It was the Steelers. If they get the first pick, they could make a trade that would help rebuild that franchise. They still have young talent. I really hope they give Spagnuolo another shot.


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