NFL Power Rankings: Week 13

Posted: December 8, 2011 by vindanton in Pro Sports

By Vin D’Anton

1. Green Bay Packers (1): Anybody else want to ask the dumb question about Rodgers in the fourth quarter now? Should have never been a question in the first place. Cobb taking a knee on the kickoff with 58 seconds left in the game says a lot about how much this team trusts their quarterback. That defense needs a lot of work though. They have a banged up Raiders team coming to town this week…13-0.

2. Baltimore Ravens (2): Finally, no let down after a big win! Let’s do cartwheel’s Ravens fans! Strike up the band! Seriously, that was a good job against a divisional opponent where good teams are vulnerable for a letdown. If they keep Ray Rice on track, they can go deep in the playoffs. Here come the Colts to town this week.

3. San Francisco 49ers (3): All they do is beat teams they are supposed to beat. Great bounce back win at home and a solid performance from Alex Smith. That defense could carry them in the playoffs. Patrick Willis is banged up with a hamstring injury, so don’t force him back with the Division Title locked up. Save him for Pittsburgh.

4. Houston Texans (4): This team deserves a perseverance award if there was one. T.J. Yates wins his first start and Andre Johnson gets hurt AND it was against a good NFC team in the Falcons. Arian Foster stays healthy, they will be successful. That defense is great under good ole’ Wade Phillips. By the way, they signed Jeff Garcia.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (5): That was a classic Steelers win against the young Bengals. They are a lock for the fifth seed if they don’t win the division. Rashard Mendenhall is a talented running back and completes that offense. They have the Brownies this Thursday and then a lot of rest for a West Coast trip to San Fran next Monday Night.

6. New Orleans Saints (6): They can’t be beat at home. Sure the Lions gave some of the game away with bad, ok, terrible penalties, but they win. Drew Brees uses his weapons just as good or better than Rodgers and Brady. Gregg Williams needs to stop boasting and start working on fixing the defense.

7. New England Patriots (7): What the heck happened at the end of that game against the Colts? Did Belichick have the Colts with the points? That defense better sharpen up with playoffs approaching. They travel to a tough environment in D.C. this week to take on the lowly Redskins.

8. Denver Broncos (15): Tebow, Tebow, Tebow. I owe you an apology. With Von Miller out and the defense struggling, you used your legs and your ARM to win. Now, it was 10 complete passes which you haven’t surpassed in a game yet this year, but still, hell of a job. They are in first place and they are in control the rest of the way.

9. Dallas Cowboys (8): I wonder if Sam Rothstein came back from the dead before the Cowboys Cardinals game and approached Jason Garrett to tell him he was layin’ the wood on Arizona as Lucky Luciano held a gun to Garrett’s head. What a mess. They had that game so December questions concerning Romo should be thrown out the window. Huge game with Eli and the gang coming to Jerry World Sunday Night.

10. Atlanta Falcons (9): Bad loss at Houston last week. Where was the offense? Even though they are most likely to get a wild card spot, they have multiple divisional games the rest of the way, including a road trip to play Carolina Cam this week. That offense is dangerous, so Matty Ice and the offense has to light up the scoreboard.

11. Oakland Raiders (10): Hello? Did anybody want to show up this week? Brutal loss to Miami; technically laid a goose egg but garbage time padded Carson Palmer’s stats. Now, a trip to the Frozen Tundra. While playoff hopes seem to be slipping away, they do have the tiebreaker over the Jets.

12. New York Jets (16): Great job in the fourth quarter on the road in a tough environment. Mark Sanchez is a better fourth quarter quarterback then people think. Shonn Greene had a great day, showing once again that this team gets that running game going late in the season which has propelled them to the playoffs in recent past. After the Chiefs, it gets tough.

13. Cincinnati Bengals (12): Tough “back to earth” type loss at Pittsburgh. Losing Leon Hall may have hurt them. We will see with the stretch run coming up. Starts with a winnable home game against T.J. and the Texans.

14. Detroit Lions (13): Jim Schwartz needs to do something if he wants his team to get in to the playoffs. Look, it is great that they take on Schwartz’s mentality, but it has gone too far; it’s costing you games now. Not acceptable. Fix it now or you can kiss the playoffs goodbye as you most likely just kissed Ndamukong Suh goodbye for the rest of the season with his nonsense.

15. Tennessee Titans (17): Solid win against the Wagon Circlers on the road. Chris Johnson gets going, they possibly can as well. They are a tough team to figure out, but they can get in. They’re home against New Orleans this week, play a good game (win or lose) and you show everybody a lot.

16. Chicago Bears (11): Bad loss at home. You let Tyler freakin’ Palko beat you on a Hail Mary before halftime? Com’ on man! Matt Forte is also out for a while with a knee injury. Could the season be over?

17. New York Giants (14): Great game against Green Bay. If a few calls go their way, they might have come out on top. The young linebacker, Jacquian Williams was two steps away from a pick six to win the game, they can’t blame him. This game Sunday Night is their biggest game since the 2008 Divisional Playoff game. Ahmad Bradshaw brings a lot to the table when healthy.

18. Miami Dolphins (26): They might be playing the best all-around football in the league right now. In all their wins, they have been dominant. If they keep it up, it might be hard to fire Tony Sparano. MATT MOORE!

19. Kansas City Chiefs (20): Their defense is outstanding and playing hard for their head coach. If they didn’t have injuries, who knows what they would be? They are still alive, and a great defense can get take you anywhere.

20. Buffalo Bills (18): Season…bye-bye. Another hot start that means nothing. They can break the hearts of Charger fans by knocking them out of the playoff race if they beat them this week.

21. Seattle Seahawks (23): Marshawn Lynch is a B-E-A-S-T. That loss to the Redskins must be killing them because they would be more legitimate; however, they are still alive. Remember, they own the tiebreaker over the Giants.

22. Arizona Cardinals (22): They have won four of their last five and they are alive. Beating two NFC East teams is not an easy task. They get a rematch against the Niners with a healthy Kolb at their place. That stadium should be rocking.

23. San Diego Chargers (22): They move down because they beat a bad team while teams with the same or a worse record beat better teams. They are the best December team in the league and could be prime to make a comeback run, but a lot has to go their way.

24. Philadelphia Eagles (19): Team is lost. No desire from anybody except Vince Young. Andy Reid will survive this though. With Michael Vick coming back healthy, watch them win out to bring their coach back. Heard that here first! Let’s see if they can cool down the Fish in Miami this week.

25. Carolina Panthers (27): Cam! Woah Cam! He is awesome for a rookie. Unlike most running quarterbacks (cough, Tim Tebow, cough) he runs when necessary. He brings hope to Carolina. Big win for the franchise if they beat Atlanta at home this week.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (21): Mess. Even with those beautiful creamsicle throwbacks, they got creamed. Josh Freeman must feel stupid. Raheem in question? Shouldn’t be, but don’t be shocked.

27. Cleveland Browns (24): Andrew Luck? Matt Barkley? How about RG3? They need a quarterback and then some. Holmgren has done nothing.

28. Washington Redskins (25): What happened in the fourth quarter? Does anybody remember their good start? I didn’t think so. Just play spoiler at this point. Hello Tom Brady this week.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (29): They started that game nice, but then collapse. They got guys like me playing cornerback right now. That offense could put Robin Williams to sleep. Let your young QB sling it.

30. Minnesota Vikings (30): Tough loss, but hey, no one is allowed to beat Tebow. One Christian Ponder mistake away from winning that game. He has been a pleasant surprise to everyone.

31. St. Louis Rams (31): Ugh, a mess and then some. Steven Jackson is aging and his best years are getting wasted. Long offseason ahead.

32. Indianapolis Colts (32): Hey, what the hell, nice job in the end. They return to Baltimore this week. Bet those fans aren’t disappointed that they aren’t the Baltimore Colts anymore.


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