Tebow take over in Denver has officially reached insanity

Posted: December 1, 2011 by vindanton in Pro Sports

Now Bronco fans are beheading their legend

By Vin D’Anton

Ok, so if you’re a Bronco fan and you want to buy a Tim Tebow jersey, do Tebow-ing, think Super Bowl, or even now, I saw someone with a “TEBOW” tattooed on their back! If you want to do that, be my guest. But now Bronco nation, you have gone too far. You guys had a really good, ok let me change that, GREAT QUARTERBACK THAT BUILT THAT FRANCHISE WITH HIS BARE HANDS, AND NOW YOU WANT TO DETHROWNE HIM BECAUSE OF TIM TEBOW!?!?!?

By now, it is pretty obvious that John Elway is not a Tebow lover. Just look at his face after the win against the Jets on Thursday Night Football after Tebow’s go ahead touchdown run after a 12 play, four minute fifty six second 95 yard drive, Pauly Shore could have done a better acting job. Even when doing interviews on radio shows, Elway will not say that St. Tim is his quarterback of the future. Fans of the Mile High Horses are not taking this well.

John Elway has a twitter, and let’s just say he is being followed for the wrong reasons. Here is what the Denver faithful say to their beloved number seven:

“@johnelway i hope pat fires you and you can go back to arena football were (sic) you belong you piece of trash.”

“Hey @johnelway you lost 3 superbowls and your team won 2 for you when u were washed up so shut your (expletive) mouth”

“How does it feel @johnelway from being our hero to be almost as hated as Philip Rivers.”

…And much more. A lot of popular figures like Tony Dungy and even former Bronco and Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe insult Tebow, yet they go unscathed. It is a question that most can probably not answer, but we do know it is ridiculous. Elway piled up 300 career touchdowns and 51,475 yards with five Super Bowl appearances and winning two. Oh, and those teams that lost three, were carried by Elway. If I were to show a sixteen year old Bronco fan or even NFL fan a roster from one of those teams, the only other player they would know is linebacker Tom Jackson and that is because he is on ESPN!

Maybe if Bronco fans opened their eyes, they would see that the real hero of this team is the defense. With guys like Von Miller, Brian Dawkins and Elvis Dumervil, the Broncos have been able to hold teams to under 20 points in four of Tebow’s five wins. 15 points against Miami, 10 against the Chiefs, and 13 against the Jets and Chargers; Tebow’s stats in those games:

MIA: 13-27 161yds 2TD’s. He had 39 passing yards entering the fourth.

KC: 2-8 69yds TD. Completed his first pass with a little under four minutes to go.

NYJ: 9-20 104yds.

SD: 9-18 143yds TD (By the way, I recognize that there are no interceptions, but I don’t need to comment on why there aren’t any.)

Come on people. Wake up. When the Lions were putting points on the board by the second, Tebow fell flat on his face because he was too far behind. Let’s also not forget the interceptions. It is only a matter time before the duck passes that the “Holy Man” throws will disgruntle receivers and the entire offense when they need points in a clutch spot. Why do you think they traded Brandon Lloyd?

Skip Bayless said this week that he would take Tebow over Aaron Rodgers in the fourth quarter. Numerous critics have called him a winner. John Elway won two Super Bowl’s, he is a winner. Eli Manning who most fans think is not very good has a Super Bowl, he is a winner. When Tim Tebow hoists the Lomardi Trophy, you can call him a winner, not after seven career wins. After it is all said and done, Bronco Nation will be wearing number seven jersey’s to games, and not number fifteen.


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