NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

Posted: November 23, 2011 by vindanton in Pro Sports

By Vin D’Anton

Parentheses are for last weeks rankings

1. Green Bay Packers(1): Every time a team creeps up on them, they pull away in the end. Defense has to tackle better than they did against Tampa. Ford Field is going to be rocking on Thursday. The Packers won a close one at home and lost at Ford last year against Detroit…those games were against Shaun Hill and Rodgers struggled before he was knocked out.

2. San Francisco 49ers (2): Good teams beat teams they are supposed to beat, and that’s what they do week in and week out. The NFL gave them a raw deal sending them East on a short week. Alex Smith will have to play like a superstar to win this game.

3. Houston Texans (3): All Leinart has to do is manage the game and they’ll be fine. Expect them to run the ball 100 times.  Jacksonville plays tough at home so mistakes can’t be made. On the plus side, Andre Johnson is back this week.

4. Baltimore Ravens (4): That was a good win at home, but with or without Ray Lewis, the defense stinks right now. Torrey Smith showed a flash of his potential and Ray Rice is running tough. Let’s see if he can do something no has done all season…rush for a TD against the Niners.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (5): They come off the bye with an easy game at home against Tyler Palko and Chiefs. This team doesn’t have let downs. Enough said.

6. New Orleans Saints (6): They come off a bye and have one more day of preparation for the slumping Giants on Monday Night. Sean Payton has historically smoked his former team and if that defense can get a pass rush, they’ll easily stop Eli. Expect a big day from Brees.

7. New England Patriots (8): The roll to home field is underway and their only real test left is this week on the road against Philly. As we saw last week, it won’t be easy. They can’t come out slow like they did Monday if the Eagles defense shows up.

8. Chicago Bears (9): Losing Jay Cutler is absolutely devastating for this team. They were on such a role. Now Caleb Hanie, who showed us some stuff in the NFC Championship last year, takes over. They face the Raiders this week, who are beatable.

9. Detroit Lions (10): They won a close one at home and Stafford’s five TD’s made up for that miserable start. They normally win after being down early, but that won’t work out against the Pack. Ford Field is about to have its biggest game ever (yes, bigger than Super Bowl XL).

10. Dallas Cowboys (11): Romo is a stud in November and so is this team. They won a close divisional game on the road and you feel like the old Cowboys wouldn’t have. Baring Leon Lett and some snow, they should cool down Miami on Thanksgiving.

11. New York Giants (7): And away they go…that performance was beyond pathetic against Philly. They just can’t play well at home for some reason. The defense did well, but you can’t let the opposition convert all those third downs on the last drive. If they win this week, it will because of Eli. They haven’t beaten the Saints in a while.

12. Atlanta Falcons (12): They won a game they were supposed to win, which they usually do. Matt Ryan’s toys are starting to come together and that could be scary. With mostly easy games coming up, they can’t afford a letdown and look ahead to Week 16 against the Saints.

13. Cincinnati Bengals (13): These kids know how to fight. They lose to two of the best AFC teams (division rivals too) by seven points each. With some winnable games and a rematch with each rival, they are serious contenders. Andy Dalton is the real deal.

14. Oakland Raiders (14): That was a good road win last week even though they let up a little in the end. If Carson Palmer gets hot, they could cause some damage. They have even a better chance against the Cutler-less Bears if McFadden comes back this week.

15. Denver Broncos (22): Oh boy. The legend of Tebow is growing (but not in John Elway’s mind). I’m sorry but if they really want to make a playoff run, he has to be better through the air. McGahee is injury prone and we don’t know enough about Lance Ball. The defense is the unsung hero of this team. They have a huge opportunity against San Diego this week.

16. New York Jets (15): Where was that defense Rex? You shut Tebow down the whole game then let him single handedly take the team down the field and score. Brian Schottenheimer has to go, or Mark Sanchez will continue to regress. They should get back on track against Buffalo this week.

17. Philadelphia Eagles (20): Wasn’t really a shocking win when you go into a divisional opponents house and beat them in Primetime. If that defense can show up this week against New England, they have a chance. They would prefer Vick back, but Young gives them a shot. Their season is not over whatsoever; nine wins might win the East.

18. Tennessee Titans (17): The Jake Locker lovers will be screaming for him to take over, but whether you like it or not, their season is not over. The Texans are a big question mark, so if Hasselbeck is healthy, you have to start him. They have a winnable game at home against Tampa this week.

19. Buffalo Bills (16): What happened? They were so lovable at the beginning of the season, and now they’re laughable. The only way this team can stay alive is if they win at the Jets this weekend. Ryan Fitzpatrick has to have great game, especially if Fred Jackson can’t go.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (21): They fought tough at Lambeau and who knows how much that game changes if Kellen Winslow Jr. catches that two-point conversion. If they lose at Tennessee this week, season is over.

21. Kansas City Chiefs (18): Shame that Cassel is done. They seemed bound for something, but it over now. Let’s see what happens to Todd Haley.

22. San Diego Chargers (19): Philip Rivers is having a joke of a season, but they are still alive in the AFC West.  A win against Tebow and the gang will pick them up. Norv Turner and A.J. Smith might be looking for new jobs by seasons end.

23. Seattle Seahawks (24): After winning two in a row, they are barely hanging on for a playoff berth. Pete Carroll has that defense playing well and Marshawn Lynch is running like a madman. They have the lowly Redskins in town this week.

24. Cleveland Browns (31): Good win at home, but Colt McCoy still has something to prove with some games left this season. He has his chance against a good Cincinnati defense this week.

25. Washington Redskins (25): They fought hard against the Cowboys, but Rex Grossman is not the future of the Washington Redskins. Mike and Kyle Shanahan better start looking at college quarterbacks.

26. Miami Dolphins (30): This team is fighting for Sparano. They have won convincingly over their opponents during their three game win streak. Is Matt Moore a future QB? Let’s see what he and Phins do against Dallas Thursday.

27. Carolina Panthers (23): Cam threw three picks but kept them in the game. He is the heart of this franchise for the next ten plus years. Ron Rivera’s defense has a lot of work to do.

28. Arizona Cardinals (27): Like I said, don’t give up on Kevin Kolb. The Eagles just had a fluke day against John Skelton. Once Kolb is healthy, they have to see what they got for the next few years.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (26): Blaine Gabbert had a chance to win a close game against Cleveland, but he failed. They have Houston this week. If they pull that off, they are still alive in the weak AFC South.

30. Minnesota Vikings (29): Christian Ponder shows little flashes of what he can do, but he has got a lot of work to do. If Adrian Peterson can’t go, let’s see what the rook can do without his All-Pro running back.

31. St. Louis Rams (28): You have to win that game against Seattle, no excuse. Has Josh Daniels made Sam Bradford regress?

32. Indianapolis Colts (32): They have a chance against the Panthers, but winless seems likely unless Peyton comes off the bench. This really is tough to watch.

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