NFL Power Rankings: Week 10

Posted: November 16, 2011 by vindanton in Pro Sports

By Vin D’Anton

1. Green Bay Packers: Sure, you can still question the defense because it was against a rookie quarterback and a bad football team, but they won a championship with the same guys last year. The offensive line was a little scarce against a good d-line. But with Rodgers, 16-0 is definitely doable.

2. San Francisco 49ers: They were outplayed by a good road team (the Giants) and still won. Alex Smith showed amazing confidence all game. Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman are sensational together. Baring a second half collapse, this team is a lock for a first round bye.

3. Houston Texans: This team cannot catch a break with injuries, but while they lose Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson is coming back and with a healthy Arian Foster and Ben Tate, they should be fine. It is Matt Leinart’s last chance and first legit shot.

4. Baltimore Ravens: This team has ego problems. They play when they want, and it starts with leadership. John Harbaugh needs to take a page out of Jim’s book about consistency. Their three losses are hands down the most pathetic this year. You might not get his division after all.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers: The model franchise the NFL, this team remains hungry every year. Defense still looks old, including Polamalu who was schooled by A.J. Green, but they know how to win. Why do I feel like they’ll be around in late January?

6. New Orleans Saints: Sure, they are a wishy washy team, but that offense is good. Defense needs some help though. Gregg Williams needs to straighten things out. With a bye this week and mostly winnable games left, they should lock up the NFC South.

7. New York Giants: It’s tough to win at New England then fly six hours to beat a one loss team in a hostile environment, but they still almost did it. With Eli Manning, the game is never over. They need to get healthy and get a running game if they want to survive the most brutal second half schedule in the league. They are prone to lose a game like the one coming up.

8. New England Patriots: How dare anybody question Tom Brady. The defense showed up in a big way in a tough environment. With a cupcake schedule, the first seed should be theirs, but you ever know in this league.

9. Chicago Bears: Wow. With four wins in a row and handful of winnable games coming up, they could easily snag the wild card, but they have to avoid a big mistake game. San Diego is desperate for a win and the Bears can’t be over confident. Lovie Smith is the most underrated and underappreciated coach in the game.

10. Detroit Lions: That hot start feels like it was a season ago. Matthew Stafford needs to get back on track this week against the Panthers, who have decent pass defense. Not having a full offseason to gel this young team together is starting to show.

11. Dallas Cowboys: Here they come. With a complete offense and good defense, they are ready for a run. While schedule is favorable, they need to avoid that typical Cowboy bad game. Romo has best November record, so this team right now looks like the favorite to win the East.

12. Atlanta Falcons: They can’t dwell on this loss. They have to move on and take care of business. They can still win the division, but they have to stay consistent and prove that last year wasn’t a fluke. Here come the Titans who have something to prove.

13. Cincinnati Bengals: They were much closer to winning that game than I expected. Andy Dalton and A.J. Green are looking like they will be something special. Losing Leon Hall hurts them though and with a few rough games coming up, you have to think they won’t get in.

14. Oakland Raiders: Who knows with this team along with their division. While Michael Bush had a good game, they still need Darren McFadden back to make them scarier on offense and help Carson Palmer. Everything is in their control.

15. New York Jets: They have to win that game against New England. You had the Pats right where you wanted them and you fell flat on your face. Gronkowski is still open. While it will be tough to travel west on a short week, that defense is still dominant enough to smack Tebow around.

16. Buffalo Bills: Maybe they’re thinking twice about that contract they gave Ryan Fitzpatrick; he’s in shambles right now and this team is vulnerable for a skid. They need to fix the playbook a little. Get back on track against the Dolphins this week.

17. Tennessee Titans: They didn’t just beat the Panthers, they destroyed them. Let’s see if this can carry some momentum as the final stretch approaches. They need to take advantage if the Texans start losing.

18. Kansas City Chiefs: They show you life and then boom! Back down to earth. With Cassel done, the season is done as well. Todd Haley should not be fired.

19. San Diego Chargers: With this shaky division, they are not done. With Norv fighting for his job, the players got to rally for him. We know what Philip Rivers can do when he is on his game. We’ve seen them have good second halves in the past.

20. Philadelphia Eagles: What the hell happened? They are way too talented to be losing like this. With or without Vick, they have a chance to win Sunday against the vulnerable Giants, who are 0-2 against Vince Young. Andy Reid should be on the hot seat.

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Maybe last year was a product of a weak schedule, but they still have talent. Josh Freeman needs to be healthy if they want to make a run. Good luck at Lambeau this week.

22. Denver Broncos: You get a feeling that they might win this division, plus, it’s God’s plan to let Tim Tebow win. Let’s see if he can complete any passes against a real defense. It starts with the Jets, who cover better than anybody.

23. Carolina Panthers: I really thought they’d win last week, but I guess Cam Newton was due for a bad game. Beating the Lions would speak volumes about this team’s future. Cam Newton is awesome for a rookie.

24. Seattle Seahawks: They are higher than most people rank them because they beat the Giants and the Ravens. Marshawn Lynch carries the offense, but this team has a long way to go if they want to be good.

25. Washington Redskins: Rex Grossman should have never been benched, but it doesn’t even matter. They always tease with hot start and quickly collapse. Who knows what they need anymore. Shanahan seems lost.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars: They are competitive in most games and have a good defense. Blaine Gabbert is going to be an experiment. Biggest question is Jack Del Rio’s future.

27. Arizona Cardinals: If you look back on the season, they could have easily won more games early on and be in the hunt. That was an awesome win in Philly for them. Though they’re winning without him, they can’t debate whether they want Kevin Kolb or not.

28. St. Louis Rams: It is a shame for this team. With a tough schedule and all these injuries, things were doomed from the start. Reports that Steve Spagnuolo’s job is in question is preposterous.

29. Minnesota Vikings: Christian Ponder does not look bad at all. The only thing to watch from this team is whether or not Jared Allen breaks Michael Strahan’s record.

30. Miami Dolphins: I guess they are fighting for Sparano, but why at this point. They want Andrew Luck and they need Andrew Luck. If they don’t get the first pick, a team will hold them hostage for that pick and they will have to give up a lot.

31. Cleveland Browns: I hate to say it, but Colt McCoy might not be the answer. It looks like they are just going backwards and the Peyton Hillis situation is just strange. With the Ravens and Steelers not going anywhere anytime soon, and the Bengals on the rise, they could be in the basement of the North for a long time.

32. Indianapolis Colts: It’s kind of funny in a way. After giving up on a perfect season two years ago, they are on the verge of getting smacked in the face with a winless season. Bill Polian should feel stupid. Peyton Manning is worth that contract.


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