Republicans maintain their stronghold in Franklin Twp.

Posted: November 10, 2011 by vindanton in Franklin Twp.

Team of Genna and Deegan squeak by Democratic candidates

By Vin D’Anton – Rowan University

Franklin Twp., NJ – “It was a very exciting and close race. I was definitely sweating it out, so I was tremendously excited when we got the final word,” Republican David Deegan Jr. said after his win Tuesday evening.

A close race was exactly what it was. Deegan (1,513 votes) and fellow Republican Vito V. Genna Jr. (1,531) took the pair of open seats on the Franklin Township Committee. Deegan was sweating it out because while Genna wrapped up his victory, Deegan was still in a close race with Democrat William J. Morrell Jr. and wound up winning by 59 votes. Morrell finished with 1,454 and his partner Dennis J. Dittmar had 1,441.

“I am a rookie at this and a lot of great people that have never worked with me helped me out…all the hard work paid off,” said Deegan who just celebrated his 60th birthday on November 1st.

“I would consider running again, but never for a higher position. I am family man and want to spend time with my grandchildren as much as possible. Of course, I’d run again if they’d want me too,” said Deegan.

Incumbent Republicans Francis Ciancaglini and Harold Atkinson are stepping down. The committee will stay 5-0 Republican.


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