Two chair spots open for Franklin Township Committee

Posted: November 3, 2011 by vindanton in Franklin Twp.

Meeting the candidates for the position

By Vin D’Anton – Rowan University

Franklin Twp., NJ – Two democrats and two republicans are running for two seats on the Township Committee on November 8th, 2011 in Franklin Township. Each party has issues they would like to cover for this election as they strive to fix Franklin Township. The seats are currently held by Committee members Rudy Ciancaglini and Harold Atkinson who decided to not seek re-election. Let’s meet the candidates.

The Republican nominees are:

Vito V. Genna Jr. of Newfield, NJ: The 37 year old in an eight year resident of Franklin Township and is the owner and operator of Genna Farm (The Berry Patch). Genna has been a part of Franklin Township politics since 2009. Since ’09, Jenna has been on the Township of Franklin Economic Development Commission and he is the current Vice Chairman of the Franklin Township Planning Board.

Two main things Genna seems to be focusing on is Community involvement and attracting more business ratables. “Franklin Township has always been a place where we come together to support each other, and I would like to continue that tradition even as we grow. I want to reach out to all residents, both those who have lived here for generations as well as newcomers, in order to maintain our reputation as a family-friendly community,” he said on his website. For ratables Genna adds that “We have several areas within thetownship that are ideal for the kinds of businesses we want to attract. The Economic Development Commission is already working toward this goal. As amember of the Township Committee I can bring more authority to our efforts, and help our existing and new businesses grow and hire more of our residents.”

Dave Deegan of Franklinville, NJ: A 33 year resident of Franklinville and 59 year old has held jobs as a store manager, district manager, and Vice President of Retail Operations. He has been on the Economic Development Commission for three years and has been a member of the Star Cross Volunteer Dept. for 25 years. Deegan wants to contain costs without compromising services.

“We have to get away from “legacy thinking” that justifies expenditures just because we did it in the past. Times have changed, so our ways of budgeting and managing have to change as well. I will work hard to find the ideal balance between keeping local government small and managing costs, while providing our residents the best possible level of services,” Deegan said. Deegan wants to consolidate services and combine services with other towns.

The Democrat Nominees are:

William J. Morrell Jr. of Newfield and Dennis J. Dittmar of Franklinville the Democrats running and Morrell has some experience. “I was the NJ Committee from 2001-2005 but decided not run again, and this is my second go around at Township Committee, I lost in 2004,” he said. They feel that there is a negative attitude toward town leaders and they are using a door to door strategy, focusing in what the people in the town want. A bug issue is the stabilization of taxes. Money has to be used properly, let services work throughout town, and the government living within their means, so the two will work without a salary if elected.


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