Rowan Alum visits campus to promote first book

Posted: October 13, 2011 by vindanton in Franklin Twp.

Author talks of vampires, Poe, and much more at Barnes and Noble

Vin D’Anton – Rowan University

Glassboro, NJ- Four years ago, Louis J. Pecsi was just another guy trying to make it in the world. With a few indie films under his belt as a make-up and special effects artist, and with a degree in Communications from Glassboro State College, now Rowan University (class of ’89), he was loving life. Then, about four years ago, Pecsi was in a terrible car accident that would change his life, but not just for the worse. “I suffer from short term memory loss and I physically am not able to drive anymore. I was bored and losing my mind. I needed something to do. I used to always just hop in my car and drive to New York or Baltimore on any given day, but I can’t do that anymore” Louis told the audience. Then, an old friend and old silent film would take Pecsi to a new profession.

“Nosferatu” is a 1922 German silent film about the Vampire Count Orlok, who ultimately becomes Nosferatu. Pecsi’s friend showed him the film and recommended he write a book about it. Well, Pecsi did more than write. “The writing was the most difficult part because of the memory loss and forgetting sentences and such, so I had to have two people proofread it, including my dad’s secretary who is an amazing person. But, the art was easy” Pecsi said. That’s right, he did the art himself using Adobe Photoshop, and after about 3 and a half years of hard work and determination, Pecsi’s first graphic novel, “Nosferatu: The Untold Origin” was born.

“Lou and I were pretty good friends back in college, and I honestly didn’t even know he was here. I was doing work at the Church near campus, and I spotted him walking around” said Pecsi’s friend and 1991 Glassboro St. graduate Ken Carpinelli of Turnersville. “On and off campus, we would talk Batman often, and of course Edgar Allen Poe.”

Pecsi told the audience that recently, Edgar Allen Poe came to him in his dream and told him to do something for him. “Poe told me that he loved my art work and wanted me to illustrate his stories. So like I always do, I wake up and write my dreams down,” Pecsi said. He told the audience that he would complete an illustrated book of five Poe stories including “The Raven” and “The Tell-Tale Heart”. Pecsi said to expect that to be released first, and then his sequel to “Nosferatu”, which is near completion.

  1. Louis Pecsi says:

    Wonderful article.I can not praise your story enough. There are a few minor errors the main one beingMy friend never showed me the film, he did suggest I write a book on the character Nosferatu’s origins since they were never depicted on film,which is something I as a fan of film wanted to know and as an artist/author had a great deal of fun creating. Again thank you for your coverage of my book

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